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Safe: Does Audrey Fleurot have to learn to speak English for the series?

Safe: Does Audrey Fleurot have to learn to speak English for the series?

TF1 releases the “Safe” series from its boxes, which has been available on the Netflix platform for 4 years. Audiences find Audrey Fleurot, the only Frenchman in this international production.

How Audrey Fleurot joined the series is safe ?

Written by Harlan Coban and Michael C. Hall carried the streak. is safe Came on TF1. In spring 2018 it aired in prime time on C8. All are co-produced by France via Studio Canal, and simultaneously released internationally on Netflix. The plot of this British mini-series revolves around Tom is a father of two daughters After the death of his wife he raises alone. They are formed in the center of the residential area A privileged and protected society. But mysterious disappearances, adulteries and deeply buried secrets come to upset this beautiful balance. Massacre…

Audrey Fleurot plays a far cry from the naive French teacher here. In fact, she is Zoé, a very weak woman, because she is a mother who has lost her son. This is after seeing her in the series Gears Harlan Cobain decided to contact the French actress. She immediately accepted the offer. In the columns, at that time, she offered herself Tele-retirement :

In fact, I decided to rub shoulders with fresh eyes. The French loved me for different things, and today I love new encounters to give me access to different roles. I’m not talking about moving to Los Angeles and living an American life. No, I feel very European and want to “open” my playground!

Is Audrey Fleurot Bilingual?

In is safe, Audrey Fleurot communicates in English, although she was dubbed for the broadcast on the French channel. So the French actress had to do Improve your English Can join the cast of the series. Obviously, on the film set, all the exchanges are in English, as are the dialogues you have to learn. Audrey Fleurot is a young woman of French descent, which can justify Some language impairments. She explained about it:

For the series, I worked a lot on my pronunciation. After a few days of shooting, a producer said to me, “We need to add a little French accent,” and I got some satisfaction.

After filming the series is safeAudrey Fleurot continues Settled in England For a few months:

I thought that was a sign. And the opportunity to go and live in England: I did. We shot for five and a half months near Manchester.