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Strut is the English origin of environmental activists

Pair Lucas Minicini

Posted on January 07, 2022 at 01:12 – Updated on January 08, 2022 at 20:36

With each stroke of the hammer, the bank window cracked a little more. Pieces of glass from the deserted sidewalk of 18 King Street, in the center of Strude, a clean, green city in southwest England. This March 30, 2021, at 6 a.m., Gail Bradbrook – 48, black hat and safety glasses – doubles her efforts to sell the Barclays establishment’s storefront.

She has a poster on her face: “This bank is financing the climate chaos.” He is a member of a group of environmental activists who are taking part in a “monetary insurgency” campaign condemning bank investments in fossil fuels. The piece of glass under his feet was thick, but the window did not yield.

Within two months, on May 11, at 5:30 a.m., four police officers arrived at Gail Bradbrook’s home. He has been ordered to conduct a search of his home. They never leave an oasis, she argues, and it annoys her. “Then I took off my night gown and saw that I was completely naked in front of them. Says the activist. One way was to ask them if they were serious about following me everywhere at home like that. ⁇

The police took her into custody and explained to her that the repair would cost the bank up to 1 1 million (18 1.18 million). Forty people charged with “criminal damage” and “assault against a financial institution” face up to ten years in prison. The first hearing in his case is set for January 11.

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Gail Bradbrook, destructive rebel activist.  He faces up to ten years in prison for breaking a bank window in Strode as part of Operation Money Rebellion.  In Strode (Great Britain), December 2021.

Gail will take longer to move Broadbrook. In his living room, the activist, wearing slippers and black legs, said he was not upset and even discovered the situation. “Pretty fun”. She knew and imagined the dangers of surgery “Tens of thousands of times” At dawn the police would come and knock on her door.

In Strude, his house is known to all. Built of bricks, with one floor, it is identical to everything else in Farmhill Lane. Prior to its creation in 2018, the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion, also known as Disobedience (also known by the acronym XR), referred to it in a window on the ground floor. Site: A poster with its logo in motion, an hourglass in a circle, a symbol of a climate emergency.

“Landed from London”

An hour and a half on the train west of London, in the middle of the wooded mountains, Strude became a conglomerate of environmental activists over the years, attracting more and more followers. In this small town of Gloucestershire with a population of 30,000, there are old shops attached to a business “No plastic” On pedestrian street. Woodruffs Cafe has been the UK’s first vegetarian bistro since its inception in 1998. The area’s Saturday morning farmer’s market is one of the most popular in the country.

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