July 14, 2024


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An innovative pedagogy to learn English through games, art and music

Minor bilinguals, National Leader of English Learnersdistinguished by a A developing and unique educational system, Focuses on sports, art and music. At the beginning of the 2024 academic year, it strengthens its expertise with two new distinguished partners: Wiplay Musical awareness and Little Academy For art practice.

Minor bilinguals

Join the 1st National English Learning Network

1 to 99 years English – 54 centers in France

The initiative aims to provide complete and stimulating linguistic immersion to children from the age of one. Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open and accessible online. Workshops begin in September and continue throughout the school year.

Cultural Enrichment through Art and Music: A New Educational Dimension!

Les Petits Bilingues reinvents learning English for children thanks to an immersive and fun approach. Each center is distinguished by a Teaching is scientifically adapted and removed from screens. Faithful to its commitment to providing quality education, Les Petits Bilingues continues to improve its knowledge by drawing inspiration from the latest developments in teaching and language learning. New partnerships with Wiplay and LA PETITE ACADÉMIE illustrate this desire for innovation and excellence, fully engaging children in English through music and art programs.

Les Petits Bilinguals and Wiplay: Musical awakening in English

Musicality plays an important role in learning a language. This is why Les Petits Bilingues joins forces with Wiplay, a recognized brand in the field of music awareness. This unique partnership leads to immersive workshops that integrate Fun and educational musical activities. Children will find the English language melodious and inspiring, while developing their sense of rhythm and creativity.

LA PETITE ACADEMIE: Art in the Service of Education

A vector of art, expression and personal growth, Les Petits Bilingues takes center stage. A partnership with LA PETITE ACADÉMIE, a network of art schools, Nathalie Virot, artist and creator of enchanting characters, enriches the network’s pedagogy. Exclusive art workshops and an immersive “Fantastic Adventures” program will allow children to master English by drawing inspiration from works of art and giving free rein to their imaginations.

For Christine Le Guern-Prigent, director of Les Petits Bilingues: “With Les Petits Bilingues, we promise to make children bilingual, to make them learn another culture, to open them to the world and to allow them. Also feel free to contact with others. To uphold this commitment, we have relied on a pedagogy for over 30 years in constant evolution based on the three pillars of music, drama and art. Today, I am proud of this collaboration with Wiplay and LA PETITE ACADÉMIE, which enriches our three pillars and strengthens the academic expertise of our centers. But most of all, I am happy for the children and their development. »

If you want to learn more about the Les Petits Bilingues concept, visit their personalized sheet and request free documents.

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