June 17, 2024


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The British have returned after a year of absence

The British were delighted to return to Kart soil this week to spend a few days on vacation.

This week, the British were able to drop their suitcases back into the cart soil, thanks to the removal of restrictions attached to the Govt in their country on July 19th. The first flight from London to Names landed at Corons Dormak at 5:15 pm on Monday. However, passengers arrived in the airport lobby by 5:30 p.m.

Mainly travelers of all ages coming as a couple or as a family. Tonia, 27, from London, came to join friends. Before the epidemic, I would come to France almost every summer, mostly in the south, and, moreover, because I had friends living in Names. Glad to be able to come back this year She explains. For her part, Alison, a single mother of two young boys and from London, decided to spend her last vacation in France. Due to ill health, I was a little scared to leave the UK, but my sons wanted to leave. Once the restrictions were removed, I hurried to register an Airbnb. These holidays will do us good. This visit across the channel will be useful for local tourism.

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