April 17, 2024


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did you know ? Google has a little hidden test to evaluate your English

Google has slipped a little game into its search engine to test the English level of Internet users. Here is the procedure to follow to access it.

This is a test that is not worth a TOEIC certificate, but at least it is highly accessible and fast qualifying. Google has developed a small English test tutorial, hidden in its search engine so that any web user can get an idea of ​​their language status. It’s definitely not new – it was discovered in early 2018 – but not everyone knows it.

Test your English with Google

So recalling its existence seemed to welcome us, especially if it was a smartphone with internet connection to access it. If you’ve met this minimum requirement, all you have to do is go to the search engine’s homepage and enter the query. ” Google Word Trainer The small quiz will appear at the top of the first page of the results.

The test consists of only five questions, each of which asks you to find the answer between the two proposals. The game may ask you to translate a specific word (example: What is the translation of the word operation?) Or you can choose the image that best describes the selected period.

The Google Word Coach app does not pretend to teach you English, but it’s still a fun little challenge. // Source: Screenshot

For each correct answer, you will receive points, and once you have completed the exam, the questionnaire will indicate your final score and rating. A correction to the questions submitted to you is also provided by Google, but, strangely, some explanations are given in English (this is by asking the definition of a word in that language).

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The questions are not too complicated for anyone who remembers even a little from the English lessons at school. You will be surprised by the word in Shakespeare’s language that is not likely to come up often in your readings. You can play as many times as you want: each time the game presents five new questions.

It seems that access to Google Word Coach is only possible on mobile via web browser (like Google Chrome). We wanted to display it through the search engine interface for computers by typing in the correct request, but it did not work with any web browser used, including Mountain View Company.

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