June 22, 2024


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An Irishman living near Caen, he cannot teach English in France

An Irishman living near Caen, he cannot teach English in France

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British, with almost 20 years experience as a teacher, James cannot teach in France. A situation he regrets. Description ©Adobe Stock

can we English is mother tongueWith nearly 20 years of teaching students of all ages and counting, Unable to practice in France. This is the situation in which James finds himself, A British Established nearby Can (Calvados). “With my wife French, we arrived in 2019,” James says. English Diploma comparable to CAPESIn 2005 in Wales he successfully completed it. Then he He taught for four years For students of all ages, in the public service and private sector, in Northern Ireland. In 2010, James moved to Switzerland, where he again taught middle and high school.

He missed the Caps twice

In Normandy, the English teacher registers therefore Caps, essential sesame should be established in national education. “I accomplished that for the first time in 2021,” he notes. But there, it’s Scottish rain… “I scored 7/20, even though it’s my mother tongue,” he marvels. I am not qualified for oral exams, where academic questions are discussed, in which I am comfortable”.

Practices in translating from French to English and from English to French and writing in English must have made him successful. In 2023, Biss repeated as James passed the Caps for the second time. The results are a little better with a score of 9.75/20, but still not good enough.

Disappointing as this job still appeals to me, the lack of English teachers every year is incomprehensible…

James, English teacher

According to the SNES-FSU union, there will be a shortage of one full-time position at the Mandela College in Hérouville, another at the College of Argences and teaching hours at the Colleges of Hérouville, Maupas de Vire, Monod de Caen or Varignon in Guillemot of Mandeville.

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Part-time workers hired “without experience”.

This situation is very difficult for James to accept and sometimes acts as a substitute because he can apply as a temporary employee. “People are hired without training or experience, while there are foreigners like me who, in my opinion, are an addition to an establishment.”

James is not giving up and wants to sign up for CAPES again this year. And, this time, score well enough. “I hope to finally be in office,” he breathes.

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