July 23, 2024


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And the English carpet prize goes to Rémy Rioux, president of the AFD (unanimously).

And the English carpet prize goes to Rémy Rioux, president of the AFD (unanimously).

It's time for year-end reviews. We begin with one of the most delicious rewards: this Thursday, December 14, the jury of the English Carpet 2023 met at the Lip Brasserie in Paris to present the prizes – not Awards “. Chaired by writer Philippe de Saint-Robert, the jury decided this year – unanimously – to honor the Director General of the French Development Agency (AFD). Remy Rioux was awarded the Academy's highest distinction… ” National Contempt Award “.

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Why such honors? ” In February 2023, for providing headlines in English for events related to French-speaking Africa, especially for his own party, “Let's Start Together – Party”. », we learn in a press release from La Carpetette Anglais.

The Foreign Prize was awarded to Steven Katz, Minister for the Budget and Multilingual Development of the French-speaking Region of Brussels-Capital. The latter is distinguished by ” June 6, 2023 for proposing to make English the third administrative language of the Brussels Region “. This special prize is awarded to a European or international named member, ” For his slavish contribution to the propagation of the English language “.

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Every year, since 1999, the Academy of English Carpet – a parody academy with a serious subject matter to say the least – awards the “English Carpet” prize to a member of the “French elite”, according to its jury. His determination to promote the dominance of English to the detriment of French in France and European institutions.

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