May 26, 2024


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Ants: Young people will learn English without worry

Middle school and high school students at Formis received a special Christmas gift. On Thursday, December 16, Mayor Michael Hirax toured companies distributing access codes for E-Dutainment application to students. The site was created by two Marmignon brothers, Pearlymontoys, who worked in Hollywood, and broadcasts customized movies such as Netflix. But except in E-Dutainment, the full list is in the original version. The goal is to learn English while having fun.

The Marmignon brothers consulted with the teachers of Formis: “It is essential to provide educational content tailored to the needs of teachers. Ensure that these contents correspond to the lessons and the level of the students. For example, we bought documentaries in cities like New York and London. We have included films on the theme of citizenship, which include Marion, General de Cole …”Explains.

Exercises linked to videos allow young people to test their English and observe their teachers’ progress in real time. These exercises use the codes of video games.So they work without realizing it“, Madame Cobert of Hobbes is an English teacher at the Camille Cladell School campus. And add: “My first impression was very positive. The tool looks very complete and I think it will add a nice complement to the courses.

During the school holidays, young people can especially enjoy the latest blockbusters coming on stage: Spider-Man, The Voyage of Dr. Tollywood, Jumanchi… Because it is one of the main strengths of the app: in partnership with some of the biggest Hollywood studios, it allows you to deliver an attractive list.

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By purchasing over 2,000 E-Dutainment licenses and giving them away for free to all of its youth, Formies City is a pioneer. I have to say that Michael Hirox firmly believes in the relevance of the opinion of the Marmignon brothers: “In today’s world, being poor at English can become a stumbling block to professional success., He argues. For example, it was the mayor of Formis who helped two entrepreneurs get started by opening the doors of ministries to them. Michael Hirax concludes: “It fits in well with the dynamics I’m trying to put into Formis around digital technology and the Third Industry Revolution.

The Marmignon brothers are already working on improving their site with content for elementary school students. Here again, the city of Formis is in the early stages: there is already talk of licensing all school students.