May 20, 2024


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Arc is the best new browser for Windows

Arc is the best new browser for Windows

Hi friends! you welcome in Installer No. 36 is your guide to the best and edge-The most wonderful things in the world. (If you’re new here, hello, I’m so glad you found us, InstallerThe verse loves you, and you can also read all the old versions at Installer Homepage.)

I’ve missed you all this past week! I was at a friend’s bachelor party in South Carolina, playing golf, eating burgers, and staying mostly offline. Thank you to everyone who called in to say you missed the newsletter! But I’m back now, and that’s how it is Installer. we So behind. This week, I was writing about Artificial intelligence tools And iPadsto watch Reindeer baby And Scapegoatreading Drink before the warExcellent listening United a result.

I also have a new browser for Windows, some new portable audio options, some fun things to watch this weekend, apps for coffee nuts, and more. Let’s dig.

(As always, the best part of… Installer These are your thoughts and advice. What are you into now? What should everyone be like now? Tell me everything: [email protected]. And if you know someone else who might enjoy it InstallerAsk them to subscribe here.)


  • Bracket for Windows. Arc is still my favorite browser, and even in this first release, it’s surprisingly powerful on Windows. (Although it’s missing some of Arc’s more advanced features and some AI stuff.) If you try it, give it time — it’s a really big change from Chrome, but I’m still sold on it. (The iOS app also got some big and much-needed updates this week.)
  • Cloud for iOS. I’m sure there’s a good rubric in which an AI model is good for what, but mostly I gravitate towards which application is best? The new app from Anthropic is beautiful: clean, simple, and definitely faster than the web app. Me too truly Like an icon.
  • “No CGI is actually just invisible CGI.” The fourth and final part of a really great series about CGI, from the fantastic YouTube channel The Movie Rabbit Hole. I learned a lot about filmmaking and the good and bad tricks filmmakers use from these videos.
  • Sofa 4.0. Huge update to one of my favorite movie/book/show trackers. The sofa now allows you to collect and organize anything in any way you want — Mac Stories It has a great rundown Of all the things you can do, I actually use it to plan summer trips.
  • Bose SoundLink Max. $399 is a lot of money for a Bluetooth speaker, but I’m very interested in this one. Very long battery life; AUX port; Fun little handle; Supposedly excellent sound. I was Yo Wonderbaum Believer for years, but I’ll try this summer.
  • Beats Solo 4. I agree with Chris Welch that it’s strange that there’s no active noise cancellation (ANC) in these headphones. But I’m still interested in the look, I like how light it is, and I’m amazed by the wired options too.
  • Breakthroughs season 3. I was late to this show about the lives and relationships of two comedians, but it’s funny, quirky, and very much worth your time. Only 18 episodes to watch! You can do it this weekend!
  • The idea of ​​you. I’m currently biased towards Anne Hathaway because I just found out she’s also an Arsenal fan, which makes her super cool, smart and awesome. But I keep hearing good things about this movie on Netflix about modern life, fame, and the weirdness of both.
  • “Phone apps for (weird) coffee people.” James Hoffman is a must-have for all things coffee, but I especially loved this look at all the apps for coffee drinkers. It has become huge candidate I’m a particular fan, and my coffee brewing process is now more difficult than ever. I love him.
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Screen share

Riley Testout It’s been a busy few weeks. A few months, really. Years, honestly. He’s the developer behind Delta, a game emulator that has taken over the App Store over the past few weeks and that may also be the signal of a whole new era of apps. It has been working on bringing its own app store, AltStore PAL, to users in the EU, while also trying to get some Pokemon Playing in.

I asked Riley to share his home screen, partly just to see if I could hack into his Delta and ROM settings. I got my wish! This is Riley’s home screen, plus some information about which apps he uses and why:

the phone: Purple iPhone 12 mini. I absolutely love this phone, and I’m afraid of having to upgrade to a larger phone eventually. (I was going to get the 13 Mini, except it doesn’t come in purple.)

Wall paper: A photo of A Pokemon mew shaped drone show, Originally taken by Joe Merrick (of Serebii fame), then slightly edited.

Applications: Phone, FaceTime, Photos, Camera, Notes, Maps, Calculator, Find Me, Files, Sleeping PokemonSettings, 1Password, Alamo Drafthouse, Messages, Mail, Safari.

My co-founder/roommate Shane and I are obsessed with it Sleeping Pokemon (We’re competing to see who’ll get the most glitter), so we get a spot front and center. My social folder contains my most used apps (Ivory and Threads), and below it is the Alamo Drafthouse app, which I use a lot because I love going to the movies and getting the annual pass ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

1Password literally holds everything important in my life, so it’s also a staple, but I only recently created a Delta folder after it was released on the App Store. It contains the application itself, as well as launchers Pokemon Emerald And Pokemon Heart Gold Plus an amazing Ketchup pokédex so I can search easily Pokemon statistics.

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And because I can’t use AltStore PAL outside of the EU, I have the regular AltStore tool to remind me to update my apps every week!

I also asked Riley to share some of the things he’s interested in right now. Here’s what he shared:

  • I bought myself a Steam surface A few months ago and I absolutely love it! In fact, that’s the main way I kept myself entertained while we were stuck in Europe trying to launch AltStore PAL (God bless the Dolphin emulator and Super Mario Galaxy 2).
  • I’m also a huge fan of nerdy science videos on YouTube, and History of the universe The channel is literally the perfect thing to put in the background while you build some Legos or something. I also recently discovered Technology communications“, which basically scratches the same itch but for technology. I’ll also be a forever fan Nirvana band showShane and I loveUpdate day“We used this video a lot to tease the launch of AltStore PAL.
  • At the same time… I’m also deeply immersed in the ongoing UFO rhetoric. It’s exciting to see something that has been dismissed for so long being taken seriously by Congress and others because that’s how science makes progress!


Here’s what Installer community this week. I want to know what you’re up to now too! e-mail [email protected] Or send me a message on Signal — @davidpierce.11 ​​— with your recommendations for anything and everything, and we’ll feature some of our favorites here each week. If you want more good stuff, check this out Responses to this post in threads.

“Neal Brennan Crazy good It’s the funniest situation on Netflix since Ali Wong Baby Cobra” – Christopher

“I’ve become obsessed with note-taking apps again because I’m crazy. I recently tried TanaThis is unbelievable. It seems like the most natural way for me to take notes (note-taking, tasks, project management) and will probably convince me to ditch Logseq, Obsidian, and everything else. – Ren

Foyer. This interesting social media app focuses on posting trips. From day trips to overnight adventures abroad. I’ve experimented with it a bit, but it seems geared towards being a travel magazine. It looks fresh and interesting.” – Nicholas

3 blue 1 brown. I really liked this YouTube channel overall and thoroughly enjoyed watching This playlist. It breaks down very complex mathematical concepts into bite-sized, easily digestible chunks using excellent examples and visualizations. This playlist seems of particular interest to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the technologies and algorithms driving this wave of AI hype. – my dad

“the New video from David Immel About how the ✨ emoji became an AI icon is about 1,000 times more interesting than I thought it would be. I don’t want to spoil anything, which is a weird thing to say about a video like this, but honestly, the name of the video only scratches the surface of how great it is. -Luke

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I’ve been playing BonkGameBoy games Using Delta and writing about games Accumulateda fun video game-focused review site designed very similarly to letterboxed” – Sawyer

“The latest thing I’ve discovered is comics and graphic novels, and as someone who strips their eBooks for DRM, I’m still trying to find the perfect solution. caliber From comics. I landed on YACReader And the YACReader library. It’s good enough, but I feel like there’s still room for a really good app. -Kevin

“I started to care more about healthy eating, and I remember hating MyFitnessPal. I found the app ChronometerIt’s a great freemium alternative. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan

“I just wanted to share with you how much I love the new AppleTV Plus series sugar Starring Colin Farrell as private investigator John Sugar, it revolves around the case of a missing daughter. It has a great camera, great atmosphere, and overall, the aesthetics are amazing. The plot is better, with subtle details throughout the show. I’ve just rewatched it for the third time (there are only four episodes so far), and I noticed several clues to later development that I hadn’t noticed before. I feel like the showrunners spent a lot of time developing this show. – Wojciech

“I just got back Castro Podcast app cart. It’s under new management and they’re making a comeback. The queuing system is 🔥.” – Advay

Logs out

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about how amazing people are The Box Palma. It’s basically just an Android phone, but it has a Kindle-style E Ink display, which means it’s bad at a lot of things but can download all the reading and news apps. I have a lot of tests to do, but so far, I’m… love this thing. It’s kind of slow and a bit wonky, but it fits in my pocket and is an ideal device for quick reading and note-taking. For years, I’ve alternated between carrying a laptop everywhere, relying on my phone for everything, trying to fit another device into my workflow, and sometimes even being the weirdo who carries an iPad. The Palma isn’t perfect, but this form factor — an Android device with an E Ink display — might be. I’ll have a bigger piece on this thing in the next couple of weeks, but if you’re interested, I’m loving it so far.