April 17, 2024


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Are meetings in Brussels conducted in English regularly?

Eric Zemmour confirms that meetings within European institutions are conducted in English regularly. It has to be subtle.

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As a BFMTV guest on Wednesday, January 12, Eric Jemmore claims to be listening “This will stop European meetings from being formally in English. There are other languages ​​in Europe.” If he is elected President of the Republic. What is the place of English and French in the Council, Commission and Parliament?

The place of the English language in European institutions is paramount, even dominant.“It simply came to our notice then The report was submitted to the government last October. In fact, at the French-led EU Council since the beginning of this year, 2% of documents were originally written in French, which is 95% in English. 85% of documents before English translation into the European Commission are less than 4% in French. By the late 1990s, one-third of the documents were still written in French. Written English is the majority in the European Parliament. On the other hand, the French dominate the court of the European Union.

On the other hand, at official meetings, the French delegates speak only French. If elected, Eric Zemor does not need to speak English if he wants to express himself in Brussels. But verbally, English seems to have taken precedence over European institutions. The report notes that in informal meetings, in working groups, when exchanges take place in English, there is little translation.

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