July 21, 2024


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In Hauts-de-France, Zemmour rented the “last” school.

In Hauts-de-France, Zemmour rented the “last” school.

The far-right candidate went to a school in Hauts-de-France on Friday, where he backed a return to school with “authority” and “iron discipline”.

For Eric Zemor, school was better than before. During a trip to the Hauts-de-France this Friday, the far-right presidential candidate, devoted to academic issues, called back to the school of “past”, “power” and “iron discipline”.

Restructuring Candidate! Before a public meeting in Saint-Quentin (Aisne) scheduled for the evening, Honnecourt-sur-Escaut exchanged with a dozen teachers who had pledged their allegiance to the village.

Return to Ministry of Public Instruction

In his view, the school has been synonymous with “stabilization” and “generalized mediocrity” since 1968 because “it is better for students to be normal to train them”. The former journalist resumed his series of attacks on the “LGBT ideology” and the associations of SOS homophobia and SOS Racisme, “lobbies to be expelled from school”.

Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer “I’m very sorry to have fallen into these symptoms” Hollande, Judge Eric Jemmore.

Against the “child king”, he called for the “restoration of power”, the return of the “General Superintendent”, the current Principal Adviser on Education (CPE) and the Ministry of Public Instruction to replace education. , “Parental Responsibility”.

After English classes are over, return to Blouse in Primary

He reiterated his desire to abolish English lessons in primary school in order to give priority to French and arithmetic, or to abolish higher national education and teaching institutions (formerly IUFM, to train teachers) to replace “regional ordinary schools”. .

As for children with disabilities, Eric Jemmoor wants to welcome them into specialized institutions. “The passion for enrollment is a bad way for kids and teachers,” he said.

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The candidate is demanding to wear a blouse in primary school, which he had already backed on BFMTV on Wednesday.

“Suppressing blouses or English, it seems like a little more story to me,” one of the teachers there told AFP. This support of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan in 2017 is particularly concerned with the decline of grammar and challenging the “ability” logic at school, preferring “tips” and “merit”.

Compete with Marine Le Pen in Hauts-de-France

According to Eric Zemmour, the school “worked better before” and today the winners, “Singaporeans or Koreans”, use “the same methods” as Jules Ferry.

The organizer of the “Union of the Rights” also considered coming to the Hauts-de-France to compete with both his rival Marine Le Pen (RN) and the right-winger. Bertrand, who was mayor of Saint-Quentin.