February 24, 2024


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“Are you talking finance?”  – Weather

“Are you talking finance?” – Weather

What if the new imperialism, as opposed to the wartime approach that Vladimir Putin still tries to implement, put culture and language above all else? Whether in international forums or in the corridors of Geneva banks, English has today established itself as the largest common denominator, a kind of Esperanto fund – and many fields. Those who master it poorly, or with a too pronounced foreign accent, lose credibility and the power of the message. How many non-English speakers have found their good arguments swept away in the face of clich├ęs or other common words uttered in proper English because of clumsy expression?

Language also protects against financial disparities. At a time when inflation is finally falling and most central bankers see an end to monetary tightening, the UK stands out. Based on economic indicators, its situation can even be described as frankly alarming. Still, he is far from stressed (The spreads debt or currency) countries such as Italy or Greece may have experienced in the so-called “European periphery”. It is hard not to think that its language, and therefore its privileged connection with the US, acts as a financial shield. “I couldn't have met a closer friend and a better ally,” Joe Biden recently exclaimed on an official visit to London.

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