June 19, 2024


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Gareth Southgate praises the maturity of England players in the Hungarian game but repeatedly says racist abuse is “unfortunate” | UK News

Gareth Southgate praised the maturity of his players after being subjected to racial abuse ahead of England’s victory over Hungary in Budapest on Thursday.

But the UK manager has expressed frustration at having to re-discuss the issue of racism as his side is ready to face Andorra on Sunday.

Asked at a press conference about the alleged abuses Rahim Sterling And Jude Bellingham, South Gate Said: Unfortunately, I do not know how many camps we have held in the last four years and it seems that I talked about this topic every time we were together.

“I can only say again that our players are incredibly mature in the way they deal with it.”

Rahim takes to his knees in Sterling Budapest. Photo: A.P.

Reporting from inside Budapest Stadium, Sky Sports News’ rapper Rob Dorset confirmed that he had heard “sporadic monkey slogans” from various parts of the crowd, mostly when he touched the ball to Sterling – and when he set up Harry Kane for the second goal.

” I think [Sterling and Bellingham] I feel the support of their team and it is very important for them, ”Southgate said.

“I think their teammates recognize how hard it must be for our black players and how frustrating it is that we have to constantly answer these questions because of the events that happen.”

FIFA has opened up disciplinary action known as “incidents” related to the competition.

A rocket was fired into the pitch as England scored their third goal on Thursday. Photo: A.P.

The England soldiers also made loud noises as they took their knees before their knees in a gesture highlighting the struggle against racial inequality.

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“We prepared the players to anticipate the hostile crowd,” Southgate said.

“We can only continue to take the position we have taken and hope to continue to send the right messages not only to the footballers but to the society as a whole, and everyone will continue to make progress.

“We know it will take time. Everyone knows it’s too slow, but we must continue to fight this war.”

Southgate photographed with Declan Rice during training in London on Saturday
Southgate with Declan Rice during a workout in London on Saturday

Welsh captain Gareth Bale has been tipped by the England manager to support his teammates leaving the pitch in the face of racial abuse.

Before Wales qualified for the World Cup against Belarus on Sunday, Bale said “it will happen if things don’t work out”.

“If we feel we are not being properly protected and treated by the governing bodies, the only way to get the best response is to leave, I totally agree.

“Football qualifications are important, but these issues go beyond football.

Welsh captain Gareth Bale also spoke out against racism.  Photo: A.P.
Welsh captain Gareth Bale also spoke out against racism. Photo: A.P.

“We did not discuss it. But if that happens we will hold this discussion. We all agree that we are a team to be together. If someone is targeted we will do the right thing.”

The Real Madrid star has called for harsher punishment, suggesting that repeated offenders should be banned from international matches.

He added: “I do not know the seriousness of what is being done, but the simple thing is … if it appears that what will happen if you ban the fans from the stadium or they continue to do so, you are banning the country.

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“If this country is making these horrible gestures, it is best to get rid of them. Suspend them. I hope they will learn a lesson.”