July 14, 2024


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Aries monthly horoscope for January 2024

Aries monthly horoscope for January 2024

Add these dates to your G-Cal:

  • January 1: Mercury retrograde ends in Sagittarius
  • January 4: Mars enters Capricorn
  • January 11: New Moon in Capricorn
  • January 13: Mercury enters Capricorn again
  • January 20: Aquarius season begins and Pluto enters Aquarius
  • January 23: Venus enters Capricorn
  • 25 January: Full moon in Leo

You're showing the world what you're made of, Aries! Capricorn season puts you front, center, and in the spotlight, where your talents are being recognized, and you may be on your way to some major accomplishments. The next few weeks are a time for you to claim your worth and demand what you desire, especially in your career. Once Aquarius season begins in the middle of the month, your focus shifts from work to play. You will be eager to connect with friends, focus your efforts on collaborative projects, and pour energy into your hopes and dreams for the future.

But first, the year begins with some major planetary events on January 1: Mercury retrograde ends up in Sagittarius, clearing up misunderstandings and making progress on any stalled conversations. On the same day, Venus, the planet of love, collides with Saturn, the planet of restriction. It's easier to let your worst fears seep into your consciousness today. Wise planning for the future will be a constructive use of this energy, but if you find yourself repeating some limiting beliefs, do your best to disrupt your thought patterns. Your personal and public life is about to get busier when Mars, the planet of work and motivation, moves into Capricorn on January 4. This energy is supportive of taking carefully calculated steps toward your goals. Over the next few weeks, you can achieve a lot, but you may also encounter some haters along the way. Setting boundaries between your personal and professional lives will be key. You may sign an exciting contract or commit on January 9 when Mars in Capricorn mingles with Saturn in Pisces. This planetary conjunction typically only happens once every two years and can spark willpower, dedication, and focus on your next big project.

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The new moon in Capricorn on January 11 invites you to reflect on your power and influence. Maybe you're setting new goals, stepping into a new role that requires more responsibility, or reaching a new accomplishment. You'll be tasked with confronting some of your fears in the process, but what awaits you on the other side is better than you could have ever dreamed. You affirm your worth and worth on January 12 when Mars in Capricorn connects with Jupiter in Taurus. Your efforts and hard work may lead to some financial support or new opportunities.

Mercury retrograde may be over, but it's still retracing its steps! On January 13, Mercury returns to Capricorn, bringing you back to December 1, 2023. What conversations started around that time and what ideas were you hoping to act on? You have more clarity about how you want to move forward. Beware of confusion and illusion in your relationships on January 19 when Venus in Sagittarius collides with Neptune in Pisces. It is difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. On the bright side, you may feel called to engage in some spiritual practices that feel healing and can illuminate messages from your subconscious mind. If someone is peddling a story that sounds too good to be true, trust your gut.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, kicking off the 2024 Aquarius season. Over the next month, you will be encouraged to prioritize your hopes and dreams for the future. This time can bring new connections and support to your life as well. Pluto, the planet of power, influence, and control, moves into Aquarius on the same day. This begins a 20-year cycle that will have you renegotiating your relationships with authority, fear, and taboos when it comes to your friendships, desires for the future, and sense of belonging. It can also add fame to your brush and increase your influence!

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Venus, the planet of relationships, moves into fixed sign Capricorn on January 23, bringing you professional blessings. The next few weeks will bring appreciation for your talents, efforts, and hard work. Now is the time to negotiate a raise, ask for a promotion, or seek new career opportunities. If work is not the focus, you may also be making progress on a personal goal. The full moon in Leo occupies the sky on January 25, revealing information about a romantic relationship or a creative project. You may be dealing with hidden power dynamics within some of your close connections. This is a powerful time for you to express yourself, and there may also be cause for celebration.

You sign contracts and set boundaries on January 27 when Mercury and Mars, both in Capricorn, meet at the same point in the sky. Can have tense but direct conversations. You get rid of excess and are able to make an informed decision about your future. The month ends with a supportive relationship between Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus on January 29. Abundance is in the air and important people recognize your talents. This bodes well for any negotiations. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, because the two luckiest planets are on your side today.

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