July 23, 2024


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Dave Meltzer says the former AEW star will “definitely” appear on tonight's WWE Raw

Dave Meltzer says the former AEW star will “definitely” appear on tonight's WWE Raw

Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently teased a former champion appearing on tonight's WWE Raw. As such, fans and critics have speculated about who this person might be. However, Dave Meltzer of “Wrestling Monitor Radio” Andrade is expected to be El Edulo, especially after his match against Miro at AEW Worlds End.

“Andrade will, almost certainly, be on Monday's Raw, as far as the secret guy that Triple H has been teasing is concerned. Tony Khan has confirmed that Andrade's contract is up.” [on January 1]…and he praised him very much; “He's always welcome, but he admitted he was gone.”

The future of El Idolo is uncertain at the moment. As Meltzer noted, his contract with AEW expired after last weekend's show, and he is expected to leave the promotion to rejoin WWE. The Mexican star reportedly announced his desire to leave AEW backstage during last week's episode of “Dynamite” as well.

As a former WWE “NXT” Champion and WWE United States Champion, El Idolo certainly fits the criteria detailed in Levesque's announcement. Moreover, his wife Charlotte Flair is currently working for WWE, which could be another incentive for him to return to his old home. Andrade previously competed in WWE from 2015 to 2021. He enjoyed a fair amount of success in 'NXT', but struggled to move beyond the mid-card during his time on the main roster. With Levesque now in charge, a second stint in WWE could be more beneficial for the former AEW star.