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Arsenal, City, Liverpool: English big names in Brexit mode – England – European Cups

Arsenal, City, Liverpool: English big names in Brexit mode – England – European Cups

That was five years ago, but now it seems like an eternity. At the end of the 2018–2019 season, four English clubs monopolized tickets to the European finals: Liverpool–Tottenham in the Champions League and Arsenal–Chelsea in the Europa League. After a decade of dominance by Spanish teams, it marked the return of treacherous Albion, who were once again invited to dominate continental competitions. It will be this season, if not a precursor to the slightest trend At the very least The exception is that the Premier League juggernaut is not expected to lift a European trophy in early June.

A final square without English

In any case, it is certain in the Champions League. On Wednesday, the queen of competitions laughed at Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, while allowing Arsenal's lack of experience and Manchester City's lack of authenticity. Besides Final 8 Lisbon, under very specific conditions, is the first time since the spring of 2017 that no Premier League representative has competed in the last four matches of C1 (and even the final has gone to at least City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Tottenham. The lucky match five times in the last six editions).

The third member of a historic championship podium, The Red Atalanta could have waved goodbye to their European ambitions in the quarter-final first leg as they were swept away at Anfield by Bergamo. Apart from the exploits of Jurgen Klopp and his gang in Lombardy, all the big names in the English Championship will have left the scene by mid-April. A disastrous start to the autumn during a disastrous Manchester United campaign, when Newcastle lost their teeth in a group that made it very difficult for them to return to the competition in a big way. Finally, Chelsea and Tottenham did not participate, dropping out of a championship that had become very competitive last year.

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This merciless struggle takes place every weekend Citizens, Red And Kannadas Could this midweek slump be explained by a homegrown English champion? At least there is no doubt, especially when reading the very difficult week experienced by Liverpool and Arsenal, with two defeats in a row at the worst possible times. The debate over whether a championship is too competitive or not competitive enough is not new, but it is clear that other Champions League semi-finalists have benefited from relative maneuverability (except perhaps Borussia Dortmund, who are neck-and-neck with RB Leipzig for fourth in the Bundesliga, and one for fifth in the C1). knowing that there is a good chance of issuing a ticket).

On Wednesday evening, both City and Arsenal were not far off the scoreboard, finally beaten in famous detail at the highest level. Would this have worked in their favor if companies had less demand every weekend? No one will know. “I have to thank these players from the bottom of my heart for the way they playedHowever, leave Pep Guardiola after the disappointment. We played well but unfortunately we couldn't win. » However, the observation is clear: with Spain the only country in Europe with eight qualified clubs, England could find itself with only one (or none) of the semi-finals (Spain is no better with only Real. Madrid are still in contention in all three competitions). Charged with fourth-placed Aston Villa in the Premier League, the Londoners will need to keep Lille's collective strength in their den or West Ham if they inflict their first setback of the season on Xabi Alonso's Bayer Leverkusen. Big names to bring football home.

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