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A fun and fast way to teach English to children

A fun and fast way to teach English to children

[Partenariat] Find out how Novakid is changing English learning for kids through effective and fun teaching through 3D technology and games.

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In a globalized world, English is essential to communicate and access cultural and professional opportunities. And for children, learning English at a young age is critical to integrating into this connected environment.

Starting young in English has significant cognitive benefits. Research indicates that early learning improves memory, creativity and problem-solving skills, helping children in all academic subjects. In addition, learning at a young age allows you to almost master the native language, thanks to the plasticity of the brain of young children who integrate language in a very intuitive way.

Therefore, integrating English early in children's lives gives them the tools they need to navigate the future, creating a solid foundation for their linguistic development and openness to the world, thus enriching their educational and personal journey. However, a question arises: How can children be taught English in an effective and fun way?

The Novakit Method: A Deep and Fun Approach

Novakid is an online English learning platform specially designed for kids. It offers interactive and personalized lessons in an entirely English environment, led by qualified English-speaking teachers.

This method allows children not only to hear the language in daily use, but also to gradually become familiar with it. Novakid teachers use a variety of gestures and facial expressions to facilitate understanding and make learning natural and intuitive. In addition, each lesson is designed to be concise and effective, with an optimal duration of 25 minutes, suitable for the concentration of young learners.

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In addition to immersion, Novakid integrates gamification into its curriculum. The narrative and playful approach makes learning more engaging and, according to studies, 39% more effective than traditional language teaching methods. This strategy uses games, stories, and interactive activities that allow children to not only practice English, but also enjoy it as a fun part of their daily lives. This type of teaching actively engages children, makes learning English fun and useful, stimulates their desire to learn and sustains their interest.

Beyond learning: fun and exploration

Beyond traditional English courses, Novakid also offers a “Virtual Explorer” course, a unique experience that combines learning and adventure. In this lesson, children use 3D slides to take virtual trips around the world. This innovative method allows you not only to practice English in diverse and fascinating environments, but also to discover different cultures and environments around the world.

Using 3D technology in learning makes lessons visually stimulating and engaging. It helps keep children interested and reinforce their understanding of English in an interactive way. The Virtual Explorer curriculum allows young people to explore the world while learning a language, enriching their educational experience by providing a window to different traditions, landscapes and global perspectives.

An exciting concept about learning with Novakid

What better way to discover Novakid than to trust the testimonials of parents who have seen their children learn English through the platform? The mother of twins shares: “ This experience is very useful because my two twins have not practiced speaking English. In addition, they deal with simple sentences, which they must combine with a tense. In short, I am very glad that there is a way to release them in English! Congratulations on your education teachers, my daughters love it!

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Another parent expresses her satisfaction: “ I really like Novakid because it's 100% English language courses. It is great to see my daughters practicing these lessons for 4 years. They have improved a lot as the courses are entirely in English. The teacher ensures that the child understands the language being learned, which is suitable for pronunciation.

Finally, one mother testifies to the positive impact of individual lessons: ” Novakid is the best! What I appreciate about Novakid is the private lessons with qualified and very caring teachers from all backgrounds. They are always positive, reassuring and help to structure and pronounce sentences correctly. My kids gain confidence in their abilities through these fun lessons. My daughters have been enrolled for 4 months and have 2 classes each week. Thanks to Novakid, they were able to develop their vocabulary, learn common phrases and strengthen their pronunciation. By taking regular lessons with Novakid's teachers, I am sure that once they become adults, they will feel comfortable communicating in English whenever they need to.

Testimonies from parents attest to the positive and profound impact of Novakit on their children. They don't just learn a language, they embrace it, happily practice it, and live it everyday. Children emerge from these lessons not only with better English skills, but also with greater self-confidence and a greater curiosity about the world around them. In doing so, Novakid demonstrates that learning English can be an exciting and rewarding adventure, preparing children to succeed in a globalized world. What more could we ask for our young students?

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