April 18, 2024


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Why BTS no longer wants to sing in English

The South Korean team, which has signed several world cards in English, has expressed a desire to be true to its original language.

BTS’s recent hits, K-Pop’s most popular children’s band, are all written in the language of Britney Spears. But despite the commercial success with these releases, seven Koreans still want to be true to their own language.

Jay-Hope, Jimin, Jin and many others have served as world ambassadors for South Korean pop. After several planetary conquests in the Korean language, they broke a barrier in August 2020 Dynamite, Their first solo song entirely in English. The song allowed them to become the first 100% Korean band to top the US Billboard charts. An updated recording with the following two English-speaking solos, Butter And Permission to dance.

Despite these successes, the seven boys show their willingness not to repeat the experience. In a magazine article advertisement boardThey explain that there were many of them who found that English was not a good idea. According to RM, head of training, despite the epidemic, it was, above all, the cost of their world tour: he regrets that “there is no alternative”. According to Jin, he admits that switching to English seemed unnatural to him, so he had to rewrite the lyrics with the Korean script: “English is different from the English song I learned in school. I had to start by destroying everything I knew.”

“It will no longer be BTS”

R.D.M. BTS says it does not want to become an American pop person and that the group wants to retain its place in the “special case”. According to him, this mainly includes songs narrated in Korean:

“I don’t think we can ever (pop) join American music, and neither do I. Our ultimate goal is to tour a big stadium there. That’s all.”

Members of the group have already stated in an interview that they intend to remain loyal to the Korean in 2019 Entertainment Weekly: “We do not want to get a number on our identity or credibility. If we suddenly start singing in English and change the rest, it will no longer be BTS.”

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Then they returned to these principles. And the songs in English will continue to flow. Because the end result undoubtedly belongs to HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment), the entertainment company that created them. Shin Young-ji, head of the Bighit music label, finds their ability to sing in English “proof of their strength that they can reach a harmonious resolution and consider the needs of the community.”