June 17, 2024


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By the way, less English but more Britons this summer – by the way

“This year, we had less uncertainties,” says director Armelle LambertTourist Office in Qingcomb-Bay de Pimp July-August is the time to establish a travel report for the months of 2021. We learned to live with Govt. In fact, the head of the office, Vincent Le Max, underscores that the summer results are “very satisfactory.” “Except for the health pass, it’s new, and we had to deal with it,” says Ann-Liz Corleuer, vice president of the office. However, 70% of tourists believe they do not realize the impact of the pass on their revenue. On the other hand, it caused a problem for 22% of them, managers of restaurants and leisure facilities.

Rediscover human contact

However, by 2021, the number of tourists and tourism revenue will not reach the scores of 2019, “an exceptional year,” recalled Armelle Lambert. But the tourist information offices were popular during the holidays: this summer, the tourist office in Bimbol was always packed. “People need to discuss human relations and travel agents who are well versed in the area. They want to be seen not only as consumers, but also as guests. Visitors practice more responsible tourism,” he explains. Josette Conan, vice president of the package responsible for the tourism sector. At the same time, the search for information on the office’s website increased by 30%, which occurred due to the evolution of practices in the 24-35 age public, accustomed to digital and the Govt era. “61% of Internet users are women,” he said.

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English, not big on the season

The health crisis is favorable for local tourism. There is an increase in the number of French tourists, especially … Britons! “They took the lead over the Isle-de-France residents. Holidaymakers also come from the Grand-Ost and the Rh -ne-Alps. Among the foreigners, there are many Germans, followed by Dutch, Belgians and Spaniards. In August, there were almost thirty Chinese.” Went down every day. ” Anne-Liz Correll, also the leader of the stars of Prah. Some Englishmen came because of Govt and Brexit, the Tourist Office summarizes.

Cycling and hiking is a strong practice, which is why it intends to accumulate in these themes in the coming years.