June 18, 2024


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Why have the English been called “roast beef” for so long?

Stephen Burn offers every day Historically yours With Matthew’s disease, we use the daily basis to find out without knowing the origin of these manifestations. This Wednesday, the host explains to us why the French have long called English “roast beef.” A disgrace that appeared three centuries ago, in the utter hatred of the French against their British neighbors.

“The English have long called it‘ roast beef ’, but did you know that? Napoleon, The English army also called ‘crabs’. We also called them ‘English’, ‘Brits’, ‘Englishmen’. The origin of these nicknames came from the military. British troops in red uniforms. But the origin of this nickname also comes from the kitchen.

In France, before the 18th century, we ate boiled meat. At the beginning of the century Anglophobia was at its height in the country and roast beef came and attracted France. In 1774, the word “roast beef” officially became an insult, referring to “roast beef” in English. The word means “English grilled meat”.

Avoid the French knuckle

The choice of this nickname comes from the dish, but also from the specific tan it takes when the English expose themselves a little too much to the Norman sun. But roasted beef is the kind of food that Kaleido-centric English caterers served to their comrades when they came from the UK. It was a meal to comfort them, to remind them of their homeland, and to avoid the bombs of the French.

We will conclude with a quote from the complete icon Marion Faithful: “The day I finally realized that they say the opposite of what they think, I began to understand English.”

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