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Tensions in Jersey: French and English boats collide spontaneously

Extraordinary – About fifty French fishing boats gathered in Jersey waters this Thursday morning to protest against the fishing conditions imposed on French sailors after Brexit. During this force, two French and English ships collided, apparently for the purpose. Symbol of the conflict of growing tensions.

Accident of speaking volumes. Two English and French fishing vessels voluntarily collided during a demonstration on the island of Jersey this Thursday. Footage of the video aired by ITV News shows the two boats changing their course, colliding lightly and then pulling without apparent damage. Although relatively small, the event highlights growing tensions between France and the United Kingdom. In fact, for several days, both countries have been stepping out of the background of the post-Brexit fisheries agreement.

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Brexit: Farewell to the United Kingdom

About 50 to 60 French fishing boats gathered in front of the Jersey capital, Saint-Helier, this Thursday morning to protest against the fishing conditions imposed on French sailors after Brexit. Among other things, the British were given the initial contract to issue licenses 6-12 nautical miles off their coasts, an area rich in fish that European fishermen have traditionally traveled to.

An expansion between the two countries

However, last weekend, the UK expressed its desire to introduce new divisions “Not planned” In order to provide these valuable documents. According to the French Ministry of Maritime, these are new requirements “This has not been previously integrated, discussed or announced” The main concern is the relocation of fishing grounds and control of movement into the waters of Jersey, an area dependent on the British Crown.

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In retaliation, Paris strongly threatened Jersey and England “Retaliation”. During a question-and-answer session in the National Assembly, Annick Gordin also announced possible consequences “Transmission of electricity through submarine cable” It offers the island from France. This Thursday, a new level was reached when British authorities decided to station two warships on the spot. A maneuver in which France responded sent two patrol boats.

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Early in the morning, the sling fishing boats began to leave Jersey waters. “Now the ministers have to work. We can’t do much.”, Said Ludovic Lazaro, a Cranville (Manche) fisherman. “The display of power is done. The politician must take responsibility.”, Confirmed Dmitry Rockoff, chairman of the Normandy Regional Fisheries Committee. “Fishermen do not go to siege Jersey to get what they want”, He added. “Now, if we do not succeed, the minister must turn off the light.”

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