May 19, 2024


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In Walloons, students have had no English lessons for months

In Walloons, students have had no English lessons for months

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This is Monday, April 15, 2024At 5 p.m., parents of some students Buhot CollegeAt Valognes (Manse), his children at 4e E and 5e D does not exist No English lessons From January 28, they gathered in front of the school Expressing their displeasure.

Of course there could have been more of them, but despite being warned in the morning and at work at that time, many could not join their parents. As for the concerned students, their classes ended at 3 pm. But an appointment is set for this Wednesday, April 17 at 12:30 PM for the children's photo.

A class 4e And part of class 5e Only till today 43% of scheduled hours In the project. All of them are more Anger what'lack of Their teacher absolutely predictablefrom the Maternity leaveThis was followed by Statutory Parental Leave, which was announced from the end of the last academic year Make up for what's missing.

As on September 29, 2023, parents of students at Puhot College a Letter to the Rector in'Normandy Academy and to the Academy Inspector, and a Petition Published online on October 13.

Difference Between Absent Teacher and Missing Teacher

Thus, the first English lesson for the children was only on November 7, a rAnnual part-time employee It completed its mission on January 28. Here too it was predicted that this professor would not be able to continue beyond this date.

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Every week, a teacher on parental leave is reported as “absent”. Pronunciation, school life software with one parent page and another student page, even though it's clear she won't be back next week. A 5th class student sayse : There is a difference between an “absent” teacher and a “missing” teacher. Here we have a missing teacher case.

Mobilizing parents without consequence

Parents of students gathered. They wrote to the rectorate and academic inspectorate and created an online petition to get things done. In March, they called the English teaching department at the rectory, but were told that because of the shortage of teachers, priority was given to high schools in exam classes.

In total, there are 6 hours/week of English lessons in Wallonnes, 10 hours in Montebourg and 7.75 hours in Tocqueville High School in Cherbourg.

Inequality between classes of the same size

“Our children are not benefiting from the education they deserve as stipulated in the Education Act. As a reminder, theNational education Everyone has an obligation to ensure teaching Compulsory subjects It has been registered in the programs,” protested one of the parents who were there on Monday evening. The fact that Compulsory education was abolished creates a Inequality Among students of class 4e and 5e, which will be realized next year. »

“We have a few has fed There is a huge gap between the declarations of our leaders, their promises promising a teacher in front of every student and the reality,” says a very angry parent.

On Wednesday April 17, teachers of Cherbourg's middle and high schools and institutions in other municipalities A symbolic parade will be held In the streets of Valognes.

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From our correspondent Catherine Chamet