June 25, 2024


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At Bristol, David Williams teaches American English

At Bristol, David Williams teaches American English

“Get ready!” (“Prepare!”) David Williams and three associates begin July 4, 2023 in Brest, Institute specializing in American English courses: American English. This approach may seem surprising, but its creator is committed to sharing more than language: a culture and history. It offers online, video conferencing and face-to-face courses in the Capuchin Room.

Why American English?

English teacher David Williams now wants to offer his own method. According to him, the majority of French people have learned British English, which cannot understand certain idiosyncrasies from across the Atlantic. So he likes to integrate American expressions, pronunciation, or understanding accents into classic English lessons. According to him, knowledge of American English is very useful in our professional life. This will make it easier to speak at conferences and training sessions without getting lost in spontaneous verbal flurries, or being embarrassed by American colleagues.

The father, who came to France for love seven years ago, first worked in Paris as head of training at Believe, a major label in the music industry (in English, “of course”). It was here that he developed his desire to teach the language. “I don’t have time to share everything with my students,” he says of his current teaching jobs at UBO and IMT Atlantic.

Talking about history, fashion, gastronomy…

David Williams likes to talk about cinema, history, fashion, gastronomy and politics. He wants more exchanges with his future students. For that, He doesn’t care about clichés and happily poses with a baseball glove, festive glasses and an American hat. The author is not launching his American English site anytime soon or anyway! He’s planning a festive gathering for everyone this July 4, American Independence Day, at Delek Beach in Pluzanne (29). There will be hot dogs, music and hamburgers, he promises. On the record, by the way!

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