May 20, 2024


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Conclusion of English Lessons: Happy to share

Conclusion of English Lessons: Happy to share

Tuesday, June 27 was no ordinary English class day at MJC. Not only because the sessions usually take place on Mondays, but unusual verbs, irregular verbs or the construction of specific questions are forgotten by the time of a year-end dinner.

Both initial and confirmed groups and their spouses met to get to know each other in a friendly atmosphere, all mindful of Gilles who could not attend. Jeannine Fournier, a retired English teacher who runs the lessons brilliantly, said, “More than the love of English that I want to share with you, all these moments of exchange inspire me, especially since you’ve made incredible progress over the year.” Received. A silver box beckons the present, ordered but not received, is a “Teapot,” a teapot in the coronation colors of King Charles III of the United Kingdom. May give English speakers a chance to speak Shakespeare’s language while waiting for the school year to begin on September 18.

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