April 23, 2024


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At Dinan, with Full English, Sarah Gilbert offers to learn English

At Dinan, with Full English, Sarah Gilbert offers to learn English

Sarah Gilbert has just created Full English, her English school for children and adults, in Passe d’l’Horloge, Dinan. Sarah, from Birmingham, came to France 14 years ago. “It was love for Breton that brought me to Dinan,” she smiles.

Courses and workshops

After two children, Sarah, who has a degree in English as a Foreign Language from Cambridge University, teaches English in institutions around Dinan. “I also work with children and I love it. I have long wanted to create a place to learn English that is fun and friendly,” she explains.

To do this, it offers courses and workshops where children can participate in hands-on and creative activities while learning relevant vocabulary. “You learn better when you keep your hands occupied, you’re less stressed, less inhibited, and this is my method: create, talk, learn (do, talk, learn)”, he notes.

For adults, there will be talks, but also cooking workshops. “We can make scones for a proper English tea,” laughs Sarah.


Full English, 21, Place de la Tour de l’Horloge, Dinan. Summer courses, children, 5 to 11 years, teenagers (pre-entry 6 to 3). Wednesday workshops and evening classes from September. Private lessons are possible. Such. 07 63 75 38 84. www.the-full-english.com

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