April 24, 2024


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Authon-du-Perche: The college has had no English teachers for a quarter

Authon-du-Perche: The college has had no English teachers for a quarter

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from Monday, February 12, 2024and to fill up the remaining six-hour schedule by the arrival of a second teacher, College Joachim du Belle d'Athon-du-Perche It has completed its English teaching staff. A week ago, an alternative was found to teach students for twenty-one hours.

Sick leave and maternity leave

Parents are tempted to say: Finally! Marie-Odle Broad-Lalany took this fight very seriously.

A mother of a fourth-grader doesn't want to see her child spend too much time without English lessons. It was already too much!

Her teacher left Maternity leave Mid-November and returns next April. “There's an absence that they could have, and should have expected,” she fumes.

The other teacher, on sick leave, has been absent since late September. An unacceptable situation that pushes parents of middle school students to react. “We filled the rectory's email addresses with words. »

First without too much damage, then a statement CNews TV Channel Made things happen.

Fortunately, we are starting to get answers.

Marie-Odile Broad-Lalani, student's parent

Private lessons, CNED…

Marie-Odle initially struggled for one thing: “We didn't even have a job to look for. It made you wonder if the rectory really wanted to recruit… After months of battle, an offer was put out. France work (formerly Pôle Emploi, editor's note).”

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The worst part of this story is that “all around us, there were teachers looking for jobs and wanting to apply”.

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While waiting for students to return to English classes, parents coped as best they could at home. Personal lessonCNED, its transfer of knowledge…

As of February 12, 2024, the group is over to the delight of parents.

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