April 18, 2024


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Free training, Legal English and “Business English and 100% Online

More than 5,000 lawyers, solicitors, students and trainee lawyers in 27 countries and many more professionals have already downloaded the evidence created by Ken Fagan. This Legal English Trainer has 10,000 hours of experience, is certified by Qualiobi, and offers courses accredited by the Conseil National des Barreaux.

Where can I find this content?

As a lawyer or judge, the appointment is made directly the site of Ken Fagan. Six types can be identified: glossaries, e-books, e-newsletters, survey, pronunciation and external sources. All of these tools are designed to save a lot of time and improve various aspects of your legal English. All of these components are the product of 50,000 hours of 30 years of life. Corn Lawyers and judges are not the only ones concerned. In fact, any professional can find an ebook that allows them to express themselves quickly and accurately in a wide variety of professional situations. Its unique content aims to save significant time and complement its practical professional English.

Why keep so much high quality content online for free?

For Ken Fagan, the answer to this question makes sense. The trainer, after realizing the great need for practical information with the intention of being consumed very quickly by French experts, decided to make all this content available for free. Also, many of Ken Fagan’s readers are becoming customers to go even further.

Free training, legal English and 100% online Ken Fagan

Daily posts in English are especially popular on LinkedIn

The Ken Fagan’s personal LinkedIn page Sharing content and posts that are highly recognized by this professional ecosystem. For five years, every day, from Monday to Friday, Ken Fagan actually published a very short post, which explains the grammar and / or vocabulary in English that most lawyers and other French professionals have not mastered. After 10,000 hours of teaching, the trainer will know exactly what these points are and how to clarify them. With 30,000 LinkedIn links and 4,000 followers reading these posts, Ken Fagan’s influence is well established.

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Examples of content shared by Ken Fagan

The professional trainer explains how to express a certain number of French words through his posts: “knowing how to be” versus “knowing”, “taking part”, “it already exists”, “one click”, “notice”, ” Despite its meaning “, one step back”, “access”, “take place”, “precision”, “a device”, “a priori” and so on. If the contents were mainly shared on Ken Fagan’s personal page, they would be more His professional page. The easiest way to discover the scale of his work, but his luminosity in the digital ecosystem, is to go directly to these different LinkedIn sites and pages.