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British or American English? Live-English.net tells us

Is Shakespeare’s language still a secret to you? What about the differences between British English and its American number? Live-English.net helps you understand these nuances.

School teaches us a lot of Americans. For example, when I came to the UK, I was misunderstood when I told of experiences High school, For high school, what would still be the British formulation? Does this term express a significant difference between the two vocabularies?

Instead, we simply use School, Indicating the year of study (Quality)! Just because you use an American word does not mean that the English will not understand High school. But they usually do not know what you are referring to! They easily lend to those who qualify: high school Applies, but we can specify Grammar School, Also selected. Equivalent to our first / final cycle Sixth Form College. College So not the obvious word! In the United States, the term refers to the first years of authorship.

This distinction clearly testifies to vocabularies specific to the country. I can give examples other than the school dictionary! Pay attention to the rules used for clothing. Want to talk about your new band? Where will you present your invention in the name of Trousers In Great Britain, it has to be said Trousers On the American continent. It is very important not to succumb to such confusions, because by turning your new underwear upside down you will inspire new underwear with our dear British … Similarly, your newly dug pair of sneakers will be named differently: Coaches Across the channel, and Sneakers Across the Atlantic.

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When we think about the differences between English and American, we often think of things like spelling differences Color (UK) and Color (Us). In your opinion, what other important differences should everyone be aware of?

You don’t have to focus only on the vocabulary. English and American people use different grammatical forms, and the pronunciation may vary. For example, the verb have to do (Duty) is synonymous To. If it were of two types, its British use would be very rare, Rather In common American usage. Based on the link, you will definitely be taught the various reasons for using this Current perfect (” I have been… ”), During difficult times of English lessons. Like many, if you catch it with hatred and want to go to America, be sure! Americans love the past (” I was “). Other examples are most notable for pronunciation: to Garage, North Americans pronounce the second “a”, which is the opposite of the English. For words Mug Where Tomato, The same vowel is called “e”. In American English, And have a long “a” in our neighbors.

Except for the phoneme, Beware of pronunciation Get the respect of your peers on the site!

An American-born British English teacher explained his lesson as follows: American English with mistakes “. What about such a statement?

An American would not say that. English is a living language, so both sides of the Atlantic are developing in parallel. Influences are intermittent, and nowadays American English greatly influences British English through films and literature aired in the UK. Each still retains its uniqueness.

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Depending on which country is used, are there words that lead to a completely misinterpretation?

Yes. Here are some of them:

  • Gas : In the UK we will be in an obvious word case, which refers to gas. Among Americans, it’s now a false friend: you fill your car Gas It does work, and does not Petrol. So, there are two different translations for “essence”.
  • First, second, third floorSimilarly, you should be careful about this distinction because you may get lost in a building or point someone in the wrong direction. The first site, This is the ground floor for Americans. For the English, the meaning of this word is based on the same premise as ours, so it would be the first base.
  • If you traditionally order Fish and chips, The mate will actually have new fries. In the fast food nation, Scabs Aug Crisps!
  • Focus on dates! For example, 11/6/2021 UK is November 6, but since US is July 11 this can cause a lot of confusion.
  • Depending on the time, the English will give you nine and a half at 9:30, where the American will tell you. Nine thirty.
  • The dictionary of punctuation may also vary. If you tell a Britisher that a sentence usually ends in a Period, Working perfectly in the United States, he would ask if the final stop of a sentence is menstruation! In fact, he must understand the true meaning. However, if in doubt, it is definitely better to use expression End.

    Improve your English and do not be fooled by such messes, Live-English.net site You can access it on the internet, Offers a wide selection of teachers and work methods.