June 18, 2024


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Top 10 Apps to Learn English Easily

Nowadays, you no longer have to go to classrooms to learn a language. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there is now a wide selectionApplications Online learning.

English, one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, has 10 applications for those who want to improve or learn the basics.

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The app has a large selection of 145 languages ​​and uses a fun game-based learning method to enhance memory. Easy to use, uTalk offers many functions such as a “record” function and a “read” function where each word is read by native speakers. The application is compatible with Android, Mac and iOS systems.


Preply offers the ability to interact with over 49,000 certified professional teachers. The profile of each author is carefully checked and the user can choose according to his budget. With Preply, the course can be easily booked, rescheduled or canceled. The proposed learning programs allow you to improve your verbal expression and your vocabulary. However, if the test lesson with your teacher is not satisfactory, Preply offers to change the teacher for free or to withdraw your budget. Preply is compatible with Android, Mac and iOS systems.


Pimsleur Portable Pimsleur provides interactive tools that facilitate language learning with the convenience and power of the system. Given more than 50 languages, Bhimslur will make you speak with a native confidence. The application is compatible with all devices.

Monthly languages

This application allows you to learn English and 40 other languages. It offers over 300 short lessons on everyday life topics and over 1800 daily lessons. There are also weekly quizzes and monthly challenges. The premium option is available from $ 4 / month.

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With more than 90 million downloads worldwide, Mandly Languages ​​has been named the best processor of the year by Facebook and the best new processor by Apple.


MOSAlingua has a variety of learning methods such as dialogues, videos, e-books, audio books, standardized texts. The app allows you to customize your learning experience.


Lingoda is an online language school suitable for all levels. Classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are offered in small groups of 3 to 5 students or individually for 60 minutes live per session. More than 1400 qualified teachers teach subjects from elementary level to advanced level.


Yabla helps you learn English with thousands of subtitle videos that are updated every week. There are two game modes in use: Slow Play and Loop Play. Interactive listening games and educational games are offered for better language immersion. Yabla is compatible with iOS, Android and Mac.


Busuu is considered an easy to use application. The courses it offers can be tailored to your availability. With Busuu, completing courses leads to official certifications signed by “McGraw-Hill Education”. The app was named App of the Year by the App Store and Editors’ Choice by Google Play.

Conversation error

Chatterbug offers a learning method based on reading and writing exercises, video sessions with native speakers, and flash cards for quick learning vocabulary and grammar. At the end of the course, an official CEFR certificate is awarded.


Babbel offers lessons covering a variety of related topics such as culture, school, travel and business. In general, the Babbel method helps to improve the level of linguistics in both writing and speech over a period of 2 months at a rate of 15 minutes of lessons per day. The method used has been scientifically proven.

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