June 18, 2024


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In Landerneau, a fighter pilot promoting English – Landerneau

Without good proficiency in English, there is no future in fighter aircraft, as in other professions. This is the message conveyed to the Euro English students of Saint-S├ębastien High School in Landerneau in uniform by the nickname “Roger”, Rafale pilot. At the Landivisiau Naval Air Base This Friday. A protracted demonstration of a conference on security forces conducted in the language of Shakespeare drew particular attention among students inspired by the demonstration of an instructor, an experienced instructor in communication training.

“Shows the Importance of English”

“As part of the European section, we arranged this visit in connection with the barcourse sub that the students were given the day before,” explains Ann Cario, a professor of history-geography who teaches English with Christina Borromeo. , Within the category. “The idea is to show students the importance of the English and international movement”. For that, the visit of “Roger” is a perfect example of the linguistic needs of an international life.

Because mastering the language is an essential prerequisite for being a fighter pilot today, as testified by a special guest at Launderne High School. “For questions about mobility, we always speak English. It is necessary and mandatory to be fluent in English from the beginning. From the exam tests, we press it. This avoids potential disappointments.

English, the universal language

There is no other way, because French fighter pilots now have to complete a long training class in San Antonio, In Texas, before returning to France. English is also the language on which “Roger” operates as a training and development center for NATO pilots in the Albacete in southeastern Spain, where he stayed as an instructor. Sesame is also valid for future aviators because the traffic in the sky, with no boundaries, is also organized in English, which makes it a good industry stimulus on the ground. “In international organizations such as the Civil Service or the UN, there are many positions, but fluency in English is mandatory”. And frankly, the news got there.

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