June 18, 2024


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RUGBY. The dazzling difference between British and Tongan premiums

Some things do not change as the years go by. Contrary to the rules of rugby, it is constantly evolving to make the game more spectacular and safer for its players, struggling to bridge the gap between the Third 1 and Third 2 nations. For example, the dazzling difference between the bonuses paid to England and Tongan players during the Test matches in November. Despite the health crisis and financial problems, the English Federation is still rich on the Oval Planet. The New Zealand Heraldteaches us that dOwen Farrell And his team will get over 80,000 euros if they win their three matches. The task is not easy because they receiveAustralia, ISouth Africa And this Tonga.

The latter will be the first (as Celine Dion sang) to challenge the citizens of Her Majesty in Twickenham. For this match, the Islanders will also receive a bonus. It costs 500 500 or less than 600. Opposite, Eddie Jones’ players will receive a good jackpot of around ,000 20,000 against 28 28,000 before the crisis. The New Zealand site is also ours “Additional premium will be charged if RFU’s business service violates its forecast.“If the English players continue to pay their teammates on the stand, they will get a lot more than their opponents that day. It was a 60-14 defeat to the Scots at Murrayfield.England And the XV of the Rose team finished 35-3 at the 2019 World Cup in Tonga. The meeting came as a shock to Vunipola and Kabeli. World Cup - Titans clash between Vunipola and Kabbali [VIDÉO]World Cup – Titans clash between Vunipola and Kabeli [VIDÉO]

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