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Back to the history page of the most famous English bear

Back to the history page of the most famous English bear

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the third installment of the Baddington story, “Paddington in Peru“, Directed by Dougle Wilson. A look back at the story of Michael Bond’s bear cub who became a British symbol around the world.

Christmas 1956

On this date, British writer Michael Bond decided to give his wife a teddy bear. They call it Paddington to indicate the station where they live. Michael Bond then began writing stories about him, after which he released his first album Paddington In 1958. It tells the story of the Brown family, who spotted a cub with the tag “” at the London train station.Please take care of this bear. Thanks“. Thus begins the adventures of a bear”Deep in PeruWho decided to go to London.

The Adventures of Baddington – Volume 1 (Flammarion)

Michael Bond will write ten additional books. The bear known for his mistakes and his strain will receive worldwide success.

First adaptations of the 1970s

In 1975, he appeared in a series of 30 5 minute episodes designed and directed by Ivor Wood. With stop-motion animation, Paddington rubs shoulders with two-dimensional characters and landscapes. The second series, “Paddington”, began in 1979 and has 26 episodes. He also won a silver medal at the New York Film Television Festival. This is the first British animated series to win such an award.

The arrival of teddy bears

Appeared in the 1970s, today this material certainly contributes to the popularity of the character. The product was designed by Shirley Clarkson and she received her first product license in 1972 Paddington. During this period, the character spread beyond the United Kingdom. American toy maker Eden Toys is licensed to manufacture and market bears worldwide. After that several versions will appear.

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The global success of movies

Despite this broadcast, we had to wait a long time to see the first Paddington film on the big screen. Directed and written by Paul King, the 2014 film was a huge success worldwide, grossing about $ 260 million (and nearly 2.8 million additions in France). A sequel to the film, which seeks to prove the Brown family’s innocence, was released in 2017. This success is illustrated by the range of stars in history: Hugh Bonneville, Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, Brendan Gleason and of course Ben Visa in the lead roles.

We now know that in the third installment, the little bear will return to adulthood. As a director, Douglas Wilson will replace Paul King for his first film. He responded in a statement, writing: “It’s a big responsibility, but all my efforts will focus on producing a third film that respects the love that many have for this very special little bear.

As a huge fan of the first two movies, I’m very excited to continue Baddington’s story (if not a little scary). It’s a big responsibility, but all my efforts will focus on producing a third image that respects the love of many on this very special little bear.

Douglas Wilson

A British symbol

With nearly 65 years of stories, 35 million books have been sold worldwide and after 40 translations, the cub has become a British symbol. He has his own statue at the Paddington station in London, two of his coins bearing his image, and he appeared with Queen Elizabeth II for his platinum ceremony. You can see them drinking tea together in a video released by the BBC. Because he danced, the bear was certainly very popular in the royal family Kate Middleton In 2017.

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