June 19, 2024


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Age of Empires IV: English, bonuses and details of civilization

Presentation of Civilization

An exceptionally ancient infantry provided powerful inspiration to the English, supported by reliable food production from the fields.

English Civilization, Bonus and Benefit

You should know that every civilization has its different bonuses, but there is a difficulty so that each player can find his happiness, but also experienceAge of Empires IV Less delicate. The game has a good replicability as it offers at least eight different experiences.

In connection with that English civilization, Here are the different bonuses:



Duration 850 – 1550 CE

  • Less than 50% less wood is needed to build farms. Farms near the plant accumulate resources 15% faster.
  • Vanguard Men-at-Arms is available during the Dark Ages (I).
  • The villagers are strong and have short curves.
  • Forums, Outposts, All and Dungeons Castle Network offer bonuses that increase the attack speed of all affected units by 25%.
  • Forums shoot double arrows.
  • The range of military ships increases by 1.

Difficulty → ★

You will understand if you read these few lines English civilization Suitable for beginners or easy to practice Age of Empires IV.

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