July 14, 2024


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The Englishman visited 51 pubs in 10 hours (a world record)

The Englishman visited 51 pubs in 10 hours (a world record)

Matt Ellis is an English wine merchant, and like many of his comrades he is dedicated to the pubs. These true symbols of British culture can be found on every street corner among our neighbors across the channel British Parliament, There are nearly 50,000 people across the UK. Matt Ellis has broken the world record for the number of pubs visited by one person in less than 24 hours, in tribute to his favorite liquor stores.

According to the official rules of the Guinness Book of World Records, the candidate must drink at least 125 ml of alcohol per bar. While pub crawls are usually a good excuse to be drunk with friends, Matt Ellis is by no means restricting himself to alcohol. The wine dealer drank mainly juices and sodas so as not to be too tipy and could finish his race in good condition.

So the Englishman embarked on a journey of over 20 miles (approximately 32 kilometers) starting from The Regal Bubble in Cambridge and ending up at The Weeping Ash Bar in the nearby town of St. Niods. His adventure would have lasted exactly that “8 hours, 52 minutes and 37 seconds”, According to the BBC. An exploitation of the period in which he was “In each bar, with two official witnesses, an employee signed a document during his visit”.

Despite numerous urination breaks, this apparently delayed his race, with the champion going 51 pubs within ten hours and winning his race. The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed that they have received all the administrative documents related to this new record and are currently working on it.

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Beyond the fun aspect, this is the most classic reason behind this achievement. According to BBC, Was the goal of Matt Ellis “To warn the public about the plight of this sector during an epidemic”. Like France, restaurants and bars in our British neighborhoods have been badly affected during this health crisis, and have had some great success.

“It’s a pleasure to be in a bubble, and a pleasure to meet people. Over the last few months, pubs have had some very difficult times. […] I am a huge fan of liquor stores, they contribute to the community and the moments of camaraderie you experience while you are there.

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