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English language training in the workplace: the question of finance

Language skills are considered as the swing for career development today. English, in particular, opens up many avenues for employees seeking professional development or for job seekers who want to complete their CV. From January 1, 2019, you can follow the training in English through your CPF (Personal Training Account).

English Training by CPF: How It Works

CPF (Vocational Training Account) is a Organization established by the state Improving access to training for employees throughout their careers. Follow a English training with CPF, You must first create your own CPF account online. For this purpose, you need to go to the Professional Training Account website to find out the number of trainees and the amount you are eligible for. Select the qualifying course by doing a keyword search or by entering the CPF code of the training that best suits you.

English courses eligible for CPF

Although there are many courses in English, not all of them have to lead to certifications. Find out The training was verified by CNCP (National Commission for Professional Certification), some research is required. Since 2015, the State has a list of training courses eligible for CPF online, which you can consult on the CNCP website. The most popular certificates are here.


BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) is one of the most reliable estimates of language level. This’Real reference for employers. This certificate actually determines the qualifications of the employee or applicant to pursue his or her career internationally.

BULATS is a quick appraisal done at very low cost. So you do not have to exercise all your training rights to register. That is the other advantage of BULATS Internationally recognized. Thanks to this recognition, you will be able to integrate foreign companies, government agencies and other structures around the world.

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Le TOEIC or English test for international communication A note from 1979. Like BULATS, the results of this experiment are internationally recognized. In fact, more than 14,000 companies and organizations in more than 150 countries use TOEIC to assess the language skills of current employees and the profiles to be recruited. TOEIC grants the right to a certificate to be disclosed in the form of examination marks. They are valid for two years.


The TOEFL (English test as a foreign language) is one of the least used certificates in the professional environment. This assessment is aimed at university study. This is why it is often asked of foreign students who want to enroll in an English-speaking university. TOEFL is Reliable rating tool It indicates the level of your English proficiency. Marks obtained during this examination are valid for 2 years. Other courses in English, such as DCL (Diploma in Competence in Langue), BEC (Business English Certificates) or BLISS (Bright Language International Speech Solution) are also eligible for CPF.

What is funding for training through CPF?

Funding for English training can be provided through your professional training account. Your CPF is actually paid every year. It offers the opportunity to enroll in the most appropriate training classes tailored to your level, your needs and your objectives. However, for that Will benefit from these funds, Some parameters must be taken into account. This includes, among other things, your professional qualifications, but also the nature of your contract.

As a reminder, the right to train in a professional environment is limited to 5,000 euros. Since 2020, employees working in private law have been entitled to a loan of 500 to 800 euros per year for full-time work. For part-time work, the CPF will be in this case Is fed at the rate of employee activity. In the particular case of job seekers, the latter do not acquire new rights and, however, retain the opportunity to use what they have gained during their professional activities. To find out the amount accumulated in your CPF, I advise you to go to the Vocational Training Account website.

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