June 19, 2024


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Bagnolls-de-L’Orne has now opened an English tea room in Normandy

David, Jamie, Rihanna and Helen are the owners of Bella’s Tea Room in Bagnols-de-L’Orne. (© Free Publisher)

Open A. Tea room To Bagnols-D-L’Arn, This is a challenge British family. In recent days, passers-by have been able to find a new sign on Robert-Cousin Avenue 5. Bella’s Tea Room, It wants to be its name, a unique place Thermal station. But don’t talk about the tea room.

We are not a French tear. Like the UK, we definitely offer pastries and afternoon tea, but different regular meals for lunch and dinner.

DavidOwner of Bella’s Tea Room

Together with his wife Helen, his daughter Rihanna and his son-in-law Jamie, he forms the dream team under the leadership of this British restaurant. Instead of the Motley restaurant, we hope that this English land will attract the taste buds of good food Local and seasonal products, At an affordable price. “We want our food to be accessible, without compromising on quality.”

At the counter, select one 18 tea Customers are waiting, to drink themselves hot or cold, “English tradition”.


Getting down to the catering adventure, the family knows. She ran a hotel for 10 years Limousine. But David wanted to accept a new challenge. “We had 9 hotel rooms and I have a lot of customer experience”.

When it came to Bagnols-D-L’R in 2019, the family fell into a trance at the spa. “Cars, it’s beautiful, it’s Zen, there are a lot of curves and tourists.”

With their restaurant, the family wants to stand alone and respond to the shortage.

This is an original, new project. We wanted to stand alone and be unique. This is something that is not in the Pacnols


To eat, Fish and chips, Scotch eggs, Bella’s Burger Or sTeak Aberdeen Angus à la carte. For dessert or afternoon tea, various cakes, scones or sandwiches are available.

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Concerts will be considered

Opened on July 22nd, the venue has already been somewhat successful. “We already have a lot of customers, especially the French people.” 18 seats are available indoors and 12 outdoors. “Our customers are like our friends and we welcome them.”

Open continuously from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., other programs will unfold inside the restaurant. “In order to elevate the restaurant, we plan to provide occasional concerts after the health crisis.” A great plan to find a restaurant in Bagnols-de-L’Orne.

Bella’s Tea Room, 5, Avenue Robert Cousin, Bagnols-de-L’Arn.

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