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Removed by online English exam, medical students from Brest are appealing

Removed by online English exam, medical students from Brest are appealing

The use of the reform of health studies by the medical faculty of Brest is causing harm to first-year students. Those who choose a particular health course have no chance of repeating it. About twenty people have been eliminated through the competitive English exam.

Her tears must have been joyful and proud; They are angry, sad and scared. This Wednesday, May 19, Suzanne [les prénoms ont été modifiés] A student has just learned the results of his daughter Joe Specific Health Access Path (PASS) At the Medical Faculty of Brest. “She has an overall average of 17, and she should be prominent …“.

She wanted to, but she was kicked out. It did not verify the English volume that the University of Western Brittany declared to be Eliminator.

For this language test, based on the quizzes to be taken online on the Miskul platform, you should get an average of 20 out of 12 and set aside at least 20 hours to get the verification. Some students violated the ban. Suzanne tells her daughter not to: ” Joe has real values. She did not disappoint. She forgot to click a quiz. With a single click and rotten software, she was excluded from any device, with an average of 17. She doesn’t know how to break it …

The scams have been proven since March

This report from Brest University, March 10, 2021, confirms the failures and suspicions of fraud related to this test: “This year imprisonment and distance education have sparked a surge of fraud cases on the Miskul platform“.

In an electronic message dated 03/10/2021, UBO warned of frauds found on the Mispool platform

Despite these scams, despite the parents of the students making concerted appeals and warning of the situation, the elimination of the exam was maintained by the university.

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152 students like Joe who should be expelled for this reason. Some of them dropped out during the year, and it is difficult to say how many. It is certain that 25 of them volunteered to express their dissatisfaction.

A brief appeal

Beyond the site’s scams and malfunctions, the parents of the students involved condemn the unfairness imposed by the university around this test, which they consider to be inconsistent with the reform of health inspections in place. This year: “Reform provides for suspension from exam failure, and every student should have the right to a second chance“Susan hammers, annoyed.

Along with the other three families of students in Joe’s same case, he received the services of a lawyer. A brief appeal was filed in Rennes’ executive court on the grounds that this removal test was a breach of the policy of equality between candidates.

When asked about the situation, the UPO leader responded by relying on post justice.The PASS arbitrator decided to make the decision which seemed to be the best within the application of the health research reform. It is the responsibility of the Executive Court to adjudicate this decision during summary proceedings. “

A reform that does not work

Beyond the Brest example, this is Reform Many universities in the region have a problem accessing health courses.

In one The report was released on May 12Calvados is the central senator of Sonia de la ProvodoMany failures of the reform of access to health inspections, provided by Act n ° 2019-774 of July 24, 2019, relate to the structure and transformation of the health system, including the 2020-2021 academic year.

Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Confederations and unions representing health students condemnA disastrous use that is harmful to students.

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The implementation of health research reform manages four objectives: to improve student orientation and success, to adapt the skills of health professionals to the needs of the health system to support its transformation, to segregate health sectors and allow time for collective training, and to improve the quality of life and health of students. By the end of the first year of use, these objectives seem unattainable.