June 16, 2024


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Worse in English, she is being replaced by a friend in Bac

A young man disguised as a woman and his friend have been sentenced to one month in prison, including one week, by a Senegalese court.

A Senegalese court on Thursday imposed a one-day jail term, including a seven-day closure, to take a bachelorette instead of a Senegalese student friend disguised as a woman. Assange Dioma Ndaye, one of their attorneys, said the attorney had demanded a firm month against the two defendants, who were flagged down in Durbel (center) for fraud and complicity in the exams.

According to the Senegalese newspaper, Kadim Boop and Gangus Boob, a student at a university in the north, are in their twenties.

The Senegalese media reported that the student claimed to have acted “out of love” in English because of his “girlfriend’s” difficulties. But the defendants in the bar denied the existence of such a relationship, Mendie declared.

He said Gangus Emboop sought the help of a friend because he was unwell. On July 31, the young man was caught on the third day of the box during the English exam; According to the press, police noticed something was wrong with his dress.

Photos posted on social media show him wearing a red dress with black patterns and a veil and black shawl in the same colors. According to media reports, he was arrested on the same day by the police along with his girlfriend who was waiting for him at a hotel in the city. The accused were interrogated. Ndiaye said they should be released from prison early next week.