May 30, 2024


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Baseball fans love Bee Guy

Baseball fans love Bee Guy

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Internet has found its newest boyfriend: “Bee guy.” Matt Helton, a Phoenix-area pest control technician, became a huge baseball star in a matter of hours when he came to the rescue in yesterday's Dodgers-Diamondbacks game at Chase Field. according to USA Today, There was a bee colony nesting in the protective netting 30 feet above home plate. Just before the game started, team managers made a last-minute decision to call Hilton, who was a 45-minute drive away, to watch his 6-year-old son's T-ball game.

“Hold Out for a Hero” played over the stadium speakers while Hilton was hoisted on some expensive machinery, complete with a bee cap. According to the Los Angeles timesHe sprayed a non-insecticidal solution on the bees before vacuuming them. Fortunately, someone in the stands filmed the entire takedown:

Once the bees were safely in their container, Hilton descended to thunderous applause and MVP cheers (“the most valuable pollinator,” as one bee put it). Google references Who attended the match wrote). He was asked to deliver the ceremonial first note, which he did with charm and excitement, taking off his beekeeper's cap for dramatic effect afterwards. Summed up Matt Helton, 37-year-old father of four, good-looking movie star, and now a megastar. One announcer.

“I ate it up a little bit for a little moment,” Helton said. times Of interest. “It was a little nerve-wracking, I'm not going to lie. A lot of pressure to keep this game going. But I was happy to come in and take care of it.” fainting.

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