March 3, 2024


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Baugé.  An English teacher who wants to “experience the magic”.

Baugé. An English teacher who wants to “experience the magic”.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by magic. So, from the age of 8, young Thibaut Richard performed his first tricks. I learned intensively by watching Sylvain Mirouf’s DVDs. I was very interested in it and wanted to make it my career. But my mother advised me to choose a path, and let’s say concrete , he says. After completing his undergraduate studies, the young man began a degree in English and lived in London for a year. I put magic aside a bit to devote myself to my studies. Back in France, Thibaut settled in Baugé and now gives private English lessons.

Years passed and the young man’s passion for magic was reborn. Last year, I went again for my mom’s birthday. I did two private shows and the feedback was very positive. I told myself that now is the right time to fulfill my childhood dream and become a professional.

Expert in card tricks

For months, in addition to these English courses, Thibault has been speaking at public and private events throughout the Pays de la Loire. I specialize in close-ups. My favorite part is card tricks. But I try to diversify my activity to appeal to the widest possible audience. I like to create activities that are accessible from kids to adults. Little by little, he prepares himself and uses rings, ropes, chopsticks… and even learns to sculpt balloons, much to the children’s delight.

As a magician, we all have an example, a mentor of sorts. I’m Dominique Duvivier. Little known by the general public, he is famous in the industry. He innovates a lot in magic and he inspires me a lot Now the 27-year-old says confidently.

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In December, Thibaut Ricard will perform several shows. On Sunday, December 17, Bach will be performing prominently as he strolls through the Christmas Market. My dream is to stop taking English classes and soon be able to experience only magic.

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