June 16, 2024


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Baylock. Ecolabel, Horticulture and English at Saint-Pierre School

Monday August 30, 2021, the entire academic committee of St.-Pierre School Baylock (Morbihan) Returned to school three days before the students. At the meeting table, strawberries should be tasted from the school’s educational garden. With the approval of two new directors, the Ecolabel project is on the agenda more than ever. Veronica Dowell and Julie Gaichard, who are already teachers at Kindergarten and CB-C1 School, will always have an almost unprecedented experience sharing the heavy work of head teacher.

“Julie will be in charge of the administration, education direction, diocesan direction and management and managers of schools (AEP and Ogec). Veronica will be responsible for animal care, family relationships and the parents’ association. ”, Explain the two directors together.

New teachers

Elody Tyrell, Master 2 at Espec de Aradon, will be on Thursdays and Fridays until March and will be in charge of the CP-CE1 class with Julie Quizard. Dlodie is preparing to teach in schools and Julie will be her teacher.

Celine Dupois was newly assigned to CE2-CM1-CM2, where she taught for 5 years at CE1-CE2 at Saint-Laurent-sur-Austin Immaculate School when she was in the RPI Saint-Laurent-Saint-Orientation. Concord.

Garden activity

“Starting with picking strawberries, we’re going to continue our garden project. The Les Jardines de Proud Association operates three days a year. We plan to continue our work on our six vegetable plots and our greenhouse, using a fertilizer and water collector., Authors Profile.

An educational hedge

The school’s project is part of the “1,2,3 Plant’haies” initiative with the contribution of Renes 1 University, Maison per la Science de Bretten, DTEC and the Yves Rocher Foundation. Both teachers will receive instructional training focusing on gardening and hedges. “We begin the fourth context code on the theme of unity with actions to be defined”, Mention Julie and Veronica who want to work as a team with their colleagues.

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Program to promote English learning

“In addition to the schedule provided in the official instructions, classes will integrate the Mile plan using English in other subjects”Follow the directors. Children from Kindergarten to CM2 will benefit from twenty additional sessions in English led by the Pop ‘English Association, which uses the educational input of songs and rhymes. On Thursday, 65 students from all three classes of the school will return to school starting the year with a day dedicated to multiple disciplines. In this case, the children will be included in the inter-class workshops in a cooperative approach that is familiar.