June 17, 2024


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Be careful if a police officer calls you in English

Many, who were called by a fake policeman, fell victim to a fraud attempt. The Grand Duckle Police (real) warn you.

This is a scam The one who comes back regularly To the ears of police officers and individuals. The phone rings and an unknown number appears in Luxembourg. You pick up the receiver and hear the voice of someone claiming to be a police officer there. The person speaks English and is asked to enter personal data by pressing specific dial keys. This Thursday, after receiving several testimonies, the police again issued a warning against this fishing technique. Accessing your bank accounts or credit card numbers is often a question here. Are called to publish statements or pay fines.

For these two cases: “They are not real Luxembourg police officers” refers to the Grand Duke police. “We remind you that all police officers in Luxembourg speak Luxembourgish and German and French, so there is no reason for the police to call you in English using a pre-recorded message.

In a press release, the police give you some tips to follow during a fraud attempt

Ignore incoming calls from unknown foreign numbers without hanging up (let ring, do not press the hang up key) so that callers do not know that the number is still in use.
Do not call back to unknown foreign numbers.
Block the caller on your phone.
Do not respond to requests or threats.
Never give out personal information on the phone.
Check your phone bill and report any damage to the police.

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Additional information on fake calls and prevention tips: