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Picot Flores goes to the chest of the English flamingo

Posted on December 1, 2019 2021 16:04

Three generations later, Picot Flores will continue its history under the British flag. Sarthoise, one of the French leaders in the cut flower market, announces the upcoming acquisition by British Flamingo, a leading manufacturer of mainly roses, tulips, lilies of the valley and peonies. Flower sale , The second largest plant and vegetable garden in the UK and the mainland in Europe. Both sides are engaged in private talks. “This move is not linked to the difficulties of the crisis, it is a strategic choice,” maintains Nicholas Picot, co-director of the company founded by his grandfather in 1958. However, by the end of 2020, the manager – who will be with his father at the head of his SME – increased calls for help. That’s when the company and the industry as a whole Suffocation as sales points are closed , In both florists and supermarkets. She must have thrown away hundreds of thousands of roses and tulips. Picot Flores suffered nearly 2 million losses during his first imprisonment and nearly several million losses during his second imprisonment.

Achievement year 2021

“But we left on an exceptional basis, 2021 will be a record year,” Nicholas Picot notes. From a turnover of 19 million euros in 2019, the company is heading towards 30 million euros this year. Bigot Fleurs employs 180 people in France, Allonnes near Le Mans and nearly a thousand in Kenya. With Flamingo, Sarthe SME expands the range of its bouquets and plants and acquires a wide assortment of roses. Flamingo opens new frontiers in English, German, Scandinavian and Eastern European markets.

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For its part, English has easy access to the French cut flower market, the third largest in Europe. The group, led by Giles Turrell, has a turnover of 6 620 million (70 770 million) and 22,000 employees, including seven farms in East Africa.