Production of motorcycles and thermal scooters should be stopped by 2030 or 2035. It seems … tomorrow and the British government is determined to implement this measure. However, according to a survey, English bikers are not really in favor of the electrification of two-wheelers.

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We are slowly seeing the arrival of electric vehicles on the motorcycle landscape. For now, the big motorcycle manufacturers are even more intimidated by the question, with only Harley-Davidson (Livewire) and BMW (C-EVO) interested in the question of having successful vehicles. Electricity is a thing for professionals like Zero motorcycles. Our neighboring Englishmen, In a survey by the Motorcycle Action Group Association (MAG), have expressed their disgust over electric motorcycles. To carry out this study, 4805 people were interviewed, 1575 were MAG members and 3230 were not. Therefore, this survey brought together different strata of the biker population, from the most coaches to the most occasional.

Electric motorcycles are becoming more and more successful … Zero motorcycles have come a long way … but growth is still weak.

Brexit of electric motorcycles according to a poll

  • One thing we can understand from the MAG poll is that the majority of English bikers are not ready to say goodbye to their good old thermal motorcycles. In fact, 2,666 people oppose banning thermal energy from 2030 to 390. For the other 1749 voters, they wanted to adjourn until agreement was reached on the matter.
  • To the question, “Are you ready to accept the idea of ​​MAG collaborating with other organizations to oppose the ban on motorcycles with thermal engines?” 4011 people agree with this decision and 794 do not. Besides, this question is troubling in this study as it seems obvious against electric motorcycle in this form.
  • Finally, if thermal two-wheelers are banned, 1,476 voters are ready to give up motorcycling. 2702 people expect to buy an electric motorcycle if internal combustion engines are not available, and finally 627 people want to switch to electric. For the most part, we understand that the British are opposed to the disappearance of global warming. Let’s see if the situation changes in 10 years …

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