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Before the school year starts, Les Mureaux children rub shoulders… with English

Before the school year starts, Les Mureaux children rub shoulders… with English

“I tell you! the sunIt means that the sun is inside Caprison ! 7-year-old Alia seems a little young for an English lesson. However, the girl who is about to enter CE1 follows the training with about fifteen children. A special week organized by the town hall of Les Mureaux (Yvelines) and for students from CP to 6th grade, just before the start of the school year.

Among the participants, some could not yet read, like Sacha, 6 years old. “Good to learn early, Linda, her mother says. I will figure it outEnglish is not taught enough in school It’s a shame. Alia was not going to prove him wrong. “In school, the English lesson lasts two seconds, we read a story and we move on,” he judges. She asked her mother to re-enroll her in the city’s English course, which she was studying for the third time.

According to the July 8, 2013 Orientation and Programming Act for Restoring the Republic, all primary school students must follow Introduction to English Language from CP. ”, notes Sanaa El Houmiri, professor of management in the European department at the Vocational High School Adrienne-Bolland in Poissy, who has been offering English courses at Les Mureaux for seven years.

“Help our children learn languages ​​as soon as possible”

An observation of the municipality that organizes these language courses every school holiday At Pôle Molière, a multipurpose cultural space. “We want to allow our children to learn languages ​​as soon as possible. We know that we have a better control of a language that we learn at a young age and that this mastery has become a key to successful studies,” said South Ammouri Mostafi, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

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Alia’s mother Samira also observes: “English is very important if you want to find a job In some branches or internationally. »

For now, learning is fun. “I give them as much vocabulary as possible through educational games,” insists Sana El Humiri. In today’s program, arrow words to learn summer vacation vocabulary. And some words are sharp. “What does this mean? Hot air balloon ? asks the coach. “Hot air balloon! One of the children answered without hesitation.

Cheaper than private lessons

The next day, the young students will take a cooking class using organic ingredients to learn cooking vocabulary. “The municipality gives me great academic freedom,” rejoices Sana El Humiri. With the director of the Pôle Molière, he offers internship themes according to the seasons to appeal to children: Halloween during the All Saints’ Day holiday, Saint-Patrick’s Day during the winter holidays…

“My sons are happy to come, Amina smiles at the end of the lesson. They have a good time learning and that makes me happy too. “Kamil and Imran’s mother paid 17 euros for each of her sons for a week of training: “It’s nothing compared to the cost of one hour of private lessons. » Price is calculated as per family share.

Although language courses for children only take place during the school holidays, Pôle Molière offers courses for teenagers and adults throughout the year. Sacha’s mother, Linda, likes her son to “learn English”.