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Discovering the world: learning English while visiting London

Discovering the world: learning English while visiting London

Visit the iconic landmarks of the English capital

V.SYou don’t have to make the most of your trip to London to learn English, just because you have to forego visiting the city’s most touristy spots. Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, these unmissable historical monuments can be great ways to progress. Get guides and information brochures in English and French at the tourist offices or at the entrance to the buildings that house them. Try to read the information as much as possible in the original version and only use the translation if necessary. So, you take advantage of visiting London’s top tourist attractions to enrich your vocabulary as well as your culture.

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Explore London and its museums

There are hundreds of guided tours of the city and its cultural attractions. Browse the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum for free, or explore Old London with landmarks from royal history or the famous streets of Jack the Ripper’s crimes. This is an opportunity to improve your oral English comprehension with a tutor who specializes in subjects of your interest. If possible, try to be with a bilingual guide or take an audio guide; If you don’t understand some of the explanations, you can benefit from visiting them in English and French.

Go to the pub or tea room

We can’t do it again, to learn English, you have to speak it. So what better way to start than to hit the traditional spots of English social life. People there are generally good-humored and friendly, and you won’t be the only foreigner looking to practice the language. There is no stake in these meetings other than sharing, so forget the complications and shyness and it’s time to get started. For those who book more, you can try to place your orders in English already, even if it means having a translator to help you, it will give you the confidence you lack. If necessary, nothing prevents you from drinking a good beer to give you courage.

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Immerse yourself in English life

“In Rome, do as the Romans do”: When you’re in London, take the opportunity to fully immerse yourself and live life the English way.

For entertainment, go to the cinema or theatre, watch your series in the original version or buy a book in English. If you’re not ready yet, choose works you already know. If you are familiar with the story, it will be easier to understand the meaning of the words and phrases.

Keep up with current affairs by watching the BBC or reading the latest issue of The Guardian. Find out about the most popular music or find your favorite radio channel.

If you can, avoid speaking to French speakers or try to practice English among yourself. As the brain is overstimulated by prolonged exposure, the greatest improvement will come from immersing yourself in language as much as possible.

Remember that all these efforts are not in vain. As well as being an important lever in your personal and professional life, learning a new language, especially during your travels, allows you to make unforgettable encounters, access magical places and create memories that will last a lifetime. What are we waiting for to pack our bags?

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