June 19, 2024


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Belfort. English including non-language subjects

“We have been involved in the ‘More English’ project with the language link for ten years. The idea is to make further progress by allowing students to be taught English every day, ”said Delphine Bovigny, director of St. Joseph’s School in Belfort.

The language of Shakespeare, which is already taught from the smallest part to the fifth grade Specific sessions are available on a trial basis in non-linguistic fields (DNL) from the beginning of the school year. “We will start with large sections and CPs. To double the English time, the teachers of the language link will offer courses on arts, science, sports or geography. There will be three 45-minute sessions scheduled for week 45, including one in the afternoon for sports or cultural activities. English is only available in the European sections of middle and high schools in the NL. “

Optional, optional, is left to the choice of parents with financial contribution, not depending on the institution of English speaking teachers. During the session in English, the teachers will do the same project with the other classmates, in French. Students who do not benefit from DNL will continue to follow the English courses and compulsions included in the syllabus.

English, a specific character of the school

“You can work in seasons, for example, in French on one side and in English on the other. It is not the intention of students to retain vocabulary, but to hear this foreign language, to practice their pronunciation and to have a real place for English as a real language and communication. Practicing on a daily basis also allows you to relax your speaking ability. At the same time, the aim is to train teachers to continue learning English in the classroom according to their mood. “

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The headmaster did not hide his ambitions: “That English would be the real profile of the school. The internationally recognized diploma of Cambridge will be maintained at the end of CM2. But students will pass at the “Movers” level rather than the current “beginners”. Language stays may be planned for middle school. The director plans to go “why, stamp the establishment”.