April 18, 2024


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“Prince Philip, English Transformation”

Editorial Figaro, Contributed by Montety.

«Deep sorrow », ியா Farewell, my dear» Who is this consensus opinion of the British press for? A pop star? Is XV de la Rose a player? These titles pay homage to nearly a hundred-year-old Prince Philip; The protocol commands three steps behind – a man known for his presence and existence with Queen Elizabeth II. National mourning, half masti flags, House of Commons covered in black, participates in the mourning of a family across a country.

What explanation can be found for this feeling? Longevity: Philip Mountbatten was a sympathetic person for over seventy years «Royal Family. His life is a novel. The Greek god (he was born in Corb) imagined this fate for this man: wandering in Europe, engaging in the Royal Navy, exemplary behavior during World War II? Finally «Queen’s Wife», The Queen’s husband, with whom she had formed an unshakable couple in fulfilling a duty: to represent the United Kingdom.

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