July 14, 2024


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Promoting English Language Learning in Universities: Signing of a US-Algerian Agreement

The U.S. Embassy in Algeria and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research signed an agreement on Wednesday, June 23 that will translate English language learning into Algerian universities, eventually guaranteeing access to all Algerian graduates, professors and researchers. English skills required for their success.

“I look forward to collaborating with the United States on higher education and scientific research and Columbia University on this project.” Kuttam Rana, head of the US embassy in Algeria, said during the signing ceremony.

“The goal of the project is very ambitious: its aim is to help every student who walks beyond the doors of 107 Algerian universities to walk the path of the ministry to benefit from the exhibition. The English language needed to ensure success in the life he has chosen. “

A, 000 500,000 project

This, 000 500,000 project will increase the standard of teaching English in the fields of education, technology and scientific collaboration in Algerian universities within a period of three years.

The program is based on an alliance with the College of Teachers at Columbia University in New York, the oldest and largest higher education college in the United States, and its professionals have worked on projects in more than 100 countries. In particular, the new agreement to strengthen English in higher education in Algeria will lead to a long-term strategy.

This includes the development of a training program on how to teach English in science and technology, and the establishment of joint workshops with Algerian experts in teaching English.

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The new program will complement other English programs at the United States Embassy in Algeria, including exchange programs in the United States for the benefit of Algerian students, including the Fulbright program for educators, intensive English courses for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and more.

U.S. The U.S. aims to strengthen the relationship between universities and their partners in the Middle East and North Africa region. One of the main goals of the government is to assist in the coordination of assistance and public diplomacy in the nearby eastern office, says Chris Hodges. Foreign Affairs Affairs.

“We promote English not only as a language, but also as a gateway to opportunity.” Hodges said in a pre-recorded statement released at the signing ceremony on Wednesday.

“English has become the language of educational and research communities, and it is vital to continue US and Algerian cooperation in many areas of mutual interest.”

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