June 18, 2024


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English ensures first place in a short trip

This was to be expected: England won first place in an achievable group. What’s less, perhaps, is that this team is so sexy on paper, not so much in its expression. In fact, this first round would have been a long quiet river for these three Lions, far removed from the glowing face of Italy, another host country of the euro. Prior to the following events, the UK could be proud to be next to its pumps with a technological leader, pearls (Rashford, Sancho) and total fluidity – all without reaching a goal – which says it all from his edge, somewhere.

England quickly made a difference before the lockout

For this last match against the Czech Republic, the gang in Southgate did the job without success. Under the influence of his arrows, saga and sterling, we can see the start of the match a little more excited than the rest. The first put some brutal acceleration to start the movements. Second is the danger of ending them, sending the first tremor in a lap stuck in the post (2nd), before blocking the position of a perfect thorny head at the end of one of the rare joint movements of quality on the English side. (1-0, 12th).

We can also imagine that England would not have imposed this false rhythm with another scene.. The quick score opening invited him to enter an executive stage. Harry Kane, who was invisible in his first two games, was a desert, trying to be on a good fifteen minute streak in the first period. He’s not good enough to free himself – that means he needs to get the score. Waglick explained well in the English captain’s (26th) scroll shot. Czech goalkeeper Kufal (37th) kept his family alive with an unfortunate ball. Before and after that, there was not much to eat.

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In this context, could the Czech Republic have done better? That being said it is tempting, but it is always difficult to place the cursor between what a team can actually deliver and the opponent leaving them. At the end of the first act, there were some situations where either Holmes (28th) or Suzek (35th) came back to highlight sex. But they have no courage and no ideas, depending on the flashes of Patrick Schick, this time, in the density of a defensive block. They have shown that in the same way that it takes two to get a good game, it takes two to create a bad match. Because Croatia’s win (3-1) against Scotland pulls them into third place, They may regret it when it comes time to do the accounts.